Embracing the Journey Ahead of Sui

Embracing the Journey Ahead of Sui
Embracing the Journey Ahead of Sui

Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of Sui Foundation, shares his insights on the occasion of the Sui Mainnet launch.

Today, we have the privilege of sharing insights from Greg Siourounis, the Managing Director of Sui Foundation, on the occasion of the highly anticipated Sui Mainnet launch.

About the value of decentralized technology...

A decentralized network means that there is no central authority controlling everything. Instead, power is given back to individuals. This is important when it comes to controlling your own data and owning your assets.

In a decentralized network, trust and permission are not required. Trust is not needed because the network's security is built into the system itself. No single entity needs to be trusted. The network is designed to handle malicious or incompetent behavior from some of its operators. Permission is not required because there is no central authority deciding who can join the network. The network's incentives ensure that operators follow the rules.

Web3, or the decentralized web, provides an opportunity to get rid of middlemen and intermediaries in products and services. It allows creators to receive more benefits from their work.

About the vision for Sui...

Sui aims to be the decentralized infrastructure for solving real-life problems through applications, products, and services. To achieve this, it needs to be fast, affordable, secure, and adaptable to support billions of users and various activities.

However, achieving this vision is not easy. The blockchain trilemma, which involves balancing decentralization, security, and scalability, poses a challenge. To address this, Sui underwent a comprehensive evaluation of existing blockchain technology to determine what works and what obstacles hinder widespread adoption.

How is Sui designed differently...

Sui was built from scratch because existing blockchain designs had inherent flaws. Every aspect, from smart contract programming language to tokenomics, was rethought.

Sui Move, the smart contract programming language, was modified to address limitations and make it easier to implement essential use cases. Sui Move is both powerful and flexible, enabling developers to create secure code without being burdened by complex infrastructure or obscure programming languages. Developers of all levels can focus on writing high-quality code for the best user experience.

Sui also uses an object-centric data model, where assets are objects owned by an account. This allows for parallel processing, increasing network speed and throughput. Most transactions on Sui can be processed independently, without needing consensus.

These innovations, among others, make Sui a revolutionary platform for developers and users.

About the benefits of Sui for developers...

Sui prioritizes the developer experience. Sui Move, the programming language, helps developers quickly write dynamic and secure smart contracts. It includes features like programmable transaction blocks, allowing complex transactions without sacrificing speed or cost.

The Sui Foundation understands that not everyone wants to start building by just reading documentation. They provide a variety of visual and written guides and tutorials to help people learn and improve their skills.

The builder community has grown significantly, with over 700K members on the Discord channel. Builders support and help each other as they learn and create on Sui. Additionally, Builder Houses and meetups worldwide offer opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration in a more personal setting.

What comes after the Mainnet launch for Sui, and how does the Sui Foundation contribute to that?

The launch of Sui's Mainnet marks a significant milestone and sets the stage for what comes next. The Sui Foundation plays a vital role in this journey.

As the Sui Foundation, our focus is on educating and supporting the Sui community. We want to bring in more builders and users, expanding the community and fostering its growth. Our aim is to provide the necessary knowledge and tools to unlock the potential of the technology and platform, encouraging innovative ideas and development.

We have various programs in place to advance and promote Sui. These include developer grants and educational initiatives spanning all levels of education. Our goal is to ensure widespread access to this remarkable technology and empower the global community to use it to address real-life challenges, ultimately enhancing everyday life experiences.

Any final words?

The Sui community is in its early stages and has a lot of potential. We highly value the dedicated members who have already contributed to Sui and those who are still actively involved. With such a vibrant and dynamic community, we are confident that Sui will flourish and achieve long-term success. It's not a short-term sprint but a continuous journey, and we are excited to see what lies ahead.

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