Potential SuiNS Airdrop ~ How to be eligible?

Potential SuiNS Airdrop ~ How to be eligible?

Recently, SuiNS have been given out tons of hints that there will be an airdrop. Read this blog to learn how to buy and register SuiNS names. Plus, what is best to be eligible for the potential airdrop.

How to Get a SuiNS Name (Traditional Way)

Similar to how the internet uses Domain Name Service (DNS) to change complex codes into easy-to-read web addresses, SuiNS does the same. But it's more than just an address; it's like having your online ID, kind of like an email address. People with SuiNS names can personalize them with cool avatars and even create websites using IPFS pages.

Getting Ready to Buy

Before you start, you need to have a Sui wallet set up and some SUI tokens in it. You can get SUI tokens from places like Binance, Coinbase, or Gemini. And remember to be careful when dealing with anything related to blockchain services.

Buying Your SuiNS Name

SuiNS names are like digital objects, so you can buy and sell them like any other digital item on Sui. But we'll focus on buying them directly from the SuiNS website.

Step 1: Find a Name

You can search for available names on the SuiNS website. If a name is available, you'll see a price, and you can start the registration process. If it's taken, you can only see info about it.

Step 2: Register Your Name

When you're ready to buy, you can choose how long you want to own the name, from one to five years. Then, you make it official by confirming your choice.

Step 3: Complete Your Purchase

Once you confirm, you'll need to finalize the purchase by signing off on a transaction. After that, the name is yours!

Prices, Renewals, and Defaults

SuiNS names are priced based on how many characters they have. The shorter the name, the more it costs. You can choose to renew your name when the time's up or let it go back to the marketplace.

You can have lots of SuiNS names, but only one can be your default. This is the name that apps will recognize first.

Buy SuiNS Name from secondary market

Other than the traditional method, you can also buy other people's names from secondary market. Why? Because it's much cheaper.

Step 1: Go to NFT marketplace. 2 most popular right now are TradePort and BlueMove.

Step 2: Find SuiNS collection

Start bidding or Sweep 10 names. (With 10 names, you can get the Whale Role in SuiNS Discord)

Step 3: Registers your name to your address

Go to SuiNS website. Connect your wallet. And start managing your names.

Step 4 (Extra): Buy a SuiNS Day NFT

Holding a active SuiNS Day NFT will get you a special role. But this is not recommended because the price of a active SuiNS Day NFT is at ~350 Sui at the moment, so overpriced.

How to be eligible for the Airdrop?

The is no confirmation of the Airdrop at the moment. But we should hope for one since SuiNS have accumulated tons of $Sui for their services.

To be eligible for any potential airdrop. You can just hold 1 SuiNS name. Go to their Discord server and verify your wallet (using indexer bot).

That is it for today's guide. If you liked it, feel free to share. Thank you.

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