What is Sui Foundation? Overview Of the Developer Grant Program

What is Sui Foundation? Overview Of the Developer Grant Program
What is Sui Foundation? Overview Of the Developer Grant Program

This blog will be updated with all the information you require regarding the Sui Foundation and Developer Grant Program.


The Sui community was rocked by programs that allow you to get Sui tokens early as soon as the Sui Foundation unveiled the SUI Token Community Access Programs. Among these, the Developer Grant Program is an outstanding program for developers looking to accelerate web3 adoption via Sui. So, what is Developer Grant Program? Sui Foundation is what kind of organization? Let's find out with Suipiens in the following article.

What Is Sui Foundation

Sui Foundation (Founders of Sui Blockchain) was founded to create, promote, and grow long-term values in the SUI ecosystem. The Sui Foundation provides products that enable individuals and creators to reclaim control over their data and content. The Foundation aims to reach and bring one billion users to Web3 by advancing and globalizing the Sui blockchain.

What Is The Sui Foundation's Goal?

Here are the objectives the Sui Foundation consistently pursues:

Promote transparency and equality

The Foundation will create its initiatives with a fair, transparent, and democratic funding distribution system in mind. All Sui members will have a place to call home, and the organization will make sure that everyone has equal access to the programs and abides by the same regulations.

Open communication and a culture of trust

The Sui Foundation will consult the community before making decisions and be open about them. The network's long-term interests are always put first, and the organization will always make sure that all Sui community opinions are heard.

Ensure community participation

The Sui Foundation makes sure that the community is involved in the management and governance of the network, whether it be as a stakeholder in the Sui Foundation's stake proxy selection process or as an application reviewer for the Fund's Endowment Program.

The Sui Foundation makes use of its resources to fund projects that expand on Sui and aid in the development of an ecosystem that will be widely adopted over time. The Foundation, in particular, gives the correct incentives to the ecosystem's creators, builders, and developers so that the ecosystem can work fully.

Overview Of The Developer Grant Program

The Developer Grant Program is being introduced by Sui Foundation. Sui Foundation funding, including SUI tokens, is distributed through this initiative. Grant applications are examined to identify the ones that best support the long-term objectives of the Network. This is a program to find programmers to create the SUI ecosystem. The goal of the program is to grant program cash to developers to aid in the creation of a decentralized future, as well as to speed up the adoption of web3 through Sui.

According to the responses made in the registration form below, developers will have the chance to be chosen, with an emphasis on cutting-edge initiatives that help the Sui ecosystem. Selected registrants will get a small grant to get going and more money as certain goals are reached.

The Developer Grant Program's key aspects are:

Censorship and Governance

  • Censorship and State Resistant Content
  • Decentralized Documents
  • Decentralized Lists
  • Decentralized Signing + Verification
  • Voting + Governance

Commerce & Digital Goods

  • Auctions
  • Consumption-Based NFTs
  • Coupons
  • Goods Marketplace
  • Massive Airdrops
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Rebates
  • Referrals
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Streaming Rewards
  • Tickets
  • Time-Released Gift Cards
  • Tokenized “Influence”
  • show-hide-icon
  • Decentralized Data Repository
  • Digital Identity
  • Encrypted Personal Data (e.g. Activity, Health, Traffic)
  • Internet of Things
  • Massive Airdrops
  • Job Listings
  • Legal Contracts
  • Proof of Existence (e.g. Certificates, Degrees, Legal Ownership)

Developer Tools

  • SDK
  • Simulators
  • Test Framework
  • Internet of Things


  • Aggregated Liquidity
  • Bridges
  • Decentralized Exchanges
  • Derivatives
  • Fiat On/Off-Ramps
  • Lending, Collateralized
  • Lending, Under/Un-Collateralized
  • Liquid Staking
  • Oracles
  • Order books
  • Price Quotes
  • Risk Management


  • Betting
  • Decentralized Lottery
  • Leaderboard
  • Quest System
  • Random Number Generator
  • Tournament


  • Confidential P2P Transactions
  • Cross-Border Payments
  • Digital Remittances
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Merchant Tooling + Adoption
  • P2P Transactions


  • Personal Password Manager


  • Chat Rooms
  • Forums
  • Governance Records
  • Public Bulletin Boards
  • Social Media


  • Creator Tools
  • Location NFTs/Data
  • Minting Tools
  • Off-Chain Tokenization
  • User-Generated NFTs

Final Thought

All funds will support open-source initiatives that will aid the Sui community. If chosen, applicants undergo an identification check and screening before being awarded a grant. The size and value of Sui Foundation grants vary depending on the strength of the application and the opportunity. Grants will range from 10,000 to 100,000 USD, with a potential SUI token bonus.

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