The SUI Token Community Access Program

Sui recently unveiled the Community Access Program, a strategy to make SUI tokens available to the community during the preliminary stages of the Mainnet launch. Stay tuned for more details to be revealed!

The SUI Token Community Access Program
The SUI Token Community Access Program

Sui recently unveiled the Community Access Program, a strategy to make SUI tokens available to the community during the preliminary stages of the Mainnet launch. Stay tuned for more details to be revealed!


The Sui Foundation declared on December 7, 2022, that they are developing a Community Access Program to address the requirement that participants in the on-chain activity must hold SUI tokens at the time of Mainnet release. Members of the Sui community can buy SUI tokens from this fund in the early phases of the network's existence.

Decentralization and community building are critical components of the Sui Foundation's mission, which aims to promote, advance, and foster the holistic development of the Sui ecosystem. The Community Access Program will hasten the decentralization and participant diversity processes by guaranteeing that SUI tokens are widely distributed to Sui community members.

Goals Of  The Community Access Program

The Sui Foundation's Community Access Program was created with the explicit intention of being as evenly distributed and geographically diverse as feasible. The Sui community has a global presence, therefore dissemination will enable widespread engagement throughout the entire globe.

Sui wishes to secure access for early Sui contributors and supporters as well as make the SUI token as broadly available as possible through these programs. In advance of the Mainnet's official launch in a few more months, the Sui Foundation is publicly committing to decentralization now by announcing the Community Access Program.

What Does Community Access Program Include?

What Does Community Access Program Include?

Due to the diversity of the Sui community, Sui is developing a number of programs that are aimed at various Sui constituencies in an effort to engage as many members as possible. Five small programs are included so that users can obtain $SUI tokens quickly.

Developer Grant Program

The Developer Grant Program funds teams developing native, open-source software. Sui hopes to discover developers for native Sui applications through this program. The Developer Grant Program's mission is to accelerate web3 adoption and provide program funds to developers to aid in the creation of a decentralized future.

Sui Foundation donations range in size and value from $10k to $100k depending on the opportunity and caliber of the application. Of course, further SUI token prizes are likely to be given to potential initiatives as well. All funding requests ought to concentrate on open-source initiatives in order to grow and benefit the Sui community more.

In order to be eligible for the Developer Grant Program, applicants must successfully complete an identity verification screening process. Candidates who are chosen will get a small start-up stipend and more money when they make certain accomplishments.

Focus on the following list of application deliverables to improve your project's chances of being accepted for the Developer Grant Program:

  • Censorship and Governance
  • Commerce & Digital Goods
  • Data & Legal
  • Developer Tools
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Payments
  • Productivity
  • Social
  • Tokenization

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SUI Delegation Program

Sui's concept emphasizes decentralization and involvement with no restrictions. The fact that SUI token holders always have enough candidates to delegate their shares is also crucial for Sui's decentralization. Sui is supported by a sizable portion of the community, but it's possible that they lack the funds or resources necessary to raise the necessary stakes to launch operations.

As a result, the Sui Foundation is declaring the goals of the Program in order to remove obstacles to taking part in Sui activities and guarantee SUI token holders will have a decent choice of permission. The goal of SUI Authorization is to make it possible for community members who want to operate validators to register for SUI tokens authorized by the Sui Foundation to begin running validators.

The Sui Foundation is currently working to finalize the specifics of the SUI Delegation Program, including the prerequisites and application procedure. Sui Foundation wishes to underline that the SUI Delegation Program is real and that it will continue to effectively engage the community as a step toward a fair, open, and decentralized future.

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Ambassador Program (Update)

The Ambassador Program was developed with the intention of providing community members with the tools and materials they need to promote Sui initiatives and technologies and impart Sui expertise to their immediate surroundings.

University Outreach Program(Update)

The University Outreach Program was created to provide access to universities or resources for future development. This initiative can be viewed as an investment fund for the Sui ecosystem's upcoming generation of builders.

Educational Program(Update)

The Educational Program is viewed as a funding source to reward those who invest their time in learning about Sui and frequently share their expertise to foster the expansion of the Sui community.

Final Thought

The SUI Token Community Access Programs all strive to achieve the same objective of Sui tokens being distributed as widely and evenly as possible on a global scale, whether they are in operation or not. Follow Suipiens to track the fund's progress moving forward. We are eager to find out in the near future how successful Community Access Programs are!

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