Sui Pixel: The Hot Event Is Happening On Suipiens!

Sui Pixel: The Hot Event Is Happening On Suipiens!
Everything You Need To Know About Sui Pixel

Sui Pixel is a hot event taking place on Suipiens. Please read the details of this intriguing contest that we have provided below so that you don't miss anything!

What Is Sui Pixel?

SuiPixels is a 1000 x 1000 pixel canvas that enables numerous players to join and work together to create (or destroy) 1 pixel at a time or anything you can think of. The contest is inspired by Reddit's R/place, a tribute to the Reddit community for demonstrating the extraordinary power of working together for a common goal.

For more information on how the game functions, please refer to the Sui Pixel player's guide that has been revised in the preceding article.

Contest Terms and Conditions

To ensure that everyone has the best possible experience playing our game, we try to keep everyone free from outside meddling. Please abide by the following rules for the good of the community:

SuiPixel Rule

  • No foul language or imagery. This includes but is not limited to phrases like "fagot" and "nigger” along with the swastika, Hammer and Sickle, and any other symbols of terrorism.
  • No nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content
  • No content that depicts genitals, buttocks, the pubic region, or female nipples
  • No NSFW hoặc NSFL content
  • No content containing blood, obscene or offensive language
  • Any agreement on the rules must be approved by the moderators. Inappropriate behavior by a moderator should be reported to the administrator, if possible.
  • If you believe you have been wrongfully banned, please notify a moderator or administrator.

Chat Rule

  • Keep the dialogue civil. No threatening or language that is homophobic, transphobic, or handicapping. Casual swearing is acceptable.
  • No hate speech
  • Avoid spam by not using a lot of ASCII art, emoticons, or symbols
  • No links to sites that actively violate chat or canvas rules (e.g. porn sites)
  • No symbols that violate the chat's or the canvas' regulations (e.g. NSFW ASCII art)
  • No personal information
  • In any rule issue, moderators have the last word.
  • Inappropriate behavior by a moderator should be reported to the administrator, if possible.


How can I join this game?

In the early stages, we prioritized opening the canvas for a three-day period to the active members of the groups supporting the game. This is merely a little homage to what they brought to the event. Then, we'll make it all public, and all you have to do to join is sign up for Discord. However, you can join early by doing the tasks we give you in the meantime. We'll share the timeline on our Twitter.

What is the reward? How am I judged on my performance?

Your level of accomplishment will be determined by how many valid pixels you have drawn. The most active gamers will receive significant prizes from our sponsors and partners based on the number of pixels drawn. Enjoy it since we'll be bringing surprises!

What is the maximum stack? What is the cooldown of the stacks?

Our maximum stack size right now is 10. Depending on how many stacks you have accumulated, the cooldown period between each stack will change and lengthen. In particular, it will take you close to an hour to collect 10 stacks of pixels. However, it will only take you 15 seconds to wait for one stack if you set consecutive pixel tiles. For instance, it only takes one minute to achieve 4 stacks if you place all of your pixels consecutively, but it will take six minutes if you place them afterwards.

Why is there such a long cooldown?

To preserve the fairness of the game, we aim to put the interests of individuals who agree to invest their time and money with us first.

Can you play on a mobile device?

Yes, you can use your mobile web browser to play our games. However, for the greatest experience, we recommend that you use a PC.

Can I view previous canvases?

Every day at 0:00, 8:00, and 16:00 UTC, we will update the progress of the Canvas versions on Suipiens' Twitter. You can keep up with us on Twitter.

How can I find out what a pixel is?

Shift + Clicking will display the last person who drew it as well as that player's information. You can also file a report there.

How can I contact you guys for help and more information?

Please open a ticket on our Discord server. We shall be there for you at all times so you can receive assistance quickly and take pleasure in the game.

How much time will the event last? How do you choose a successful organization?

Two weeks will pass after the event. We will calculate the results after the canvas has been closed. The result is based on 50% of the votes cast or the percentage of pixels that the organization is able to draw.

Final Thought

Sui Pixel debuted on on January 8, 2022. Follow Suipiens on Twitter or another most popular Sui Blockchain communities to stay up to date on the latest contest news.

Be sure to check out Suipiens website and social media channels to stay up-to-date on all things about Sui Blockchain!

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