Seoul Builder House Highlights

Seoul Builder House Highlights
Seoul Builder House Highlights

Discover the exciting highlights of the Sui Builder House event in Seoul from June 3 to 4.

Highlights from the Seoul Builder House

Over 400 people came together at the Sui Builder House in Seoul from June 3 to 4. This event was all about learning and exploring the Sui network and the exciting opportunities it offers. It was the first Builder House event since the Sui mainnet launch, giving participants a firsthand experience of what Sui is all about.

The event took place in the Gangnam district and featured 20 presentations that provided valuable information. Adeniyi Abiodun, the CPO of Mysten Labs, gave updates on the progress of Mainnet and shared what features are coming up in the future. At the same time, a 48-hour hackathon was held, where builders competed for a total prize pool of $67,000.

Sui Builder House participants pose for the camera

Sui's Achievements

Adeniyi's presentation showcased the impressive progress of the Sui Mainnet after four weeks. The network recorded 12.5 million transactions and had 5.8 million objects and NFTs. Sui's tokenomics model demonstrated its affordability, with the cost of minting one million NFTs totaling $6.6 thousand, significantly lower than the $33 million required per thousand mints on Ethereum. The NFT marketplaces held NFTs worth $3.7 million.

At this early stage, builders had already launched six games and four DeFi apps. Additionally, there were 13 live RPC providers, offering services to support the over 200 apps planning to deploy on the Sui network.

The Exciting Roadmap

During the event, Adeniyi discussed several upcoming features for Sui that would enhance liquidity, support DeFi, and improve user rewards. One of these features is DeepBook, a native Central Limit Order Book developed by a team of seven developers. DeepBook provides a ready-to-use liquidity layer for DeFi apps and complements Sui's open-source code. Another exciting development is the incorporation of liquid staking through the Sui Improvement Program (SIP), allowing users to leverage their staked SUI tokens for other purposes, thus increasing token liquidity.

Adeniyi also unveiled the upcoming zkLogin feature, which simplifies user onboarding by enabling users to log in to Sui wallets using their existing Google or Twitch credentials. This login method utilizes Sui's zero-knowledge proof technology to ensure secure transactions and eliminates the need for users to create new accounts, streamlining the adoption process.

Furthermore, Adeniyi announced the Action primitive, a significant building block for Sui. This feature enables builders to reward users based on their engagement with apps on the network. Builders can associate rewards with specific actions taken within their apps, such as incentives, promotions, or discounts. The Action primitive also facilitates collaboration between apps and encourages users to explore different offerings.

These upcoming features promise functionality and robust liquidity on the Sui network, further enhancing its capabilities and appeal to developers and users alike.

Participants at the Sui Builder House ask questions of presenters

Hackathon Highlights

In conjunction with the Seoul Builder House, an exciting 48-hour hackathon captured the attention of 84 individuals and 18 teams. After meticulous evaluation, a total of 10 entrants were selected for the shortlist, granting them the opportunity to showcase their projects to a panel of judges. Ultimately, seven winners were chosen for their projects' innovation and practicality. These winners included Scallop Tools, Senshilabs, Shall We MOVE?, Secure U&I (Well Done Studio), and Sui Kit. Additionally, two wildcard winners, namely SuiGPT (OpenDive) and SuiKIDS (SuiQuid), were acknowledged for their exceptional contributions.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the Sui Builder House event in Seoul was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse group of participants eager to learn and explore the exciting opportunities offered by the Sui network. With over 400 attendees, the event provided a firsthand experience of Sui's capabilities and showcased its impressive achievements in just four weeks since the Mainnet launch. As the Sui network continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly shape the future of decentralized technologies and redefine the possibilities of blockchain innovation.

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