Kyoto Sui Builder House Highlights

Kyoto Sui Builder House Highlights
Kyoto Sui Builder House Highlights

Discover the exciting highlights of the Sui Builder House event in Kyoto from June 29 through June 30.

Participants pose for the iconic Sui symbol

From June 29 to June 30, the Kyoto Sui Builder House captivated the Japanese Sui community and builders across the region. This two-day conference was a spectacle of innovation, showcasing exciting presentations and demos that revolved around the dynamic Sui ecosystem.

The builders have showcased a diverse range of projects with passion. The realms of gaming, NFTs, DeFi, and infrastructure were explored, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in these exciting fields. Each project showcased the Sui ecosystem's immense potential and creative power, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees.

The event featured captivating on-stage talks, where experts shared the latest advancements in Sui technology and engaged in discussions on topics such as AI and user experience design. Participants had the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of Sui, gaining insights and knowledge from the foremost experts in the field.

Participants at our Sui Builder House in Kyoto enjoyed two days of informative demos and presentations

The Latest Updates on Sui

Adeniyi Abiodun from Mysten Labs took the stage to discuss the progress of the Sui network and the advancements in blockchain technology. Adeniyi explored the early stages of blockchains, which introduced the concept of digital money, commonly known as crypto-currency. These initial networks enabled people to trade different currencies. In the past five years, we have witnessed the rise of new blockchains that introduced smart contracts, allowing both individuals and programs to engage in currency trading. Sui, representing the next generation, takes this technology a step further by shifting from account-based to object-based storage, presenting an entirely new range of possibilities and a different way of approaching blockchain.

Adeniyi Abiodun shows off the stats from Sui's first month as a permissionless, public network

As for the Sui network's progress, we have reached over a month since its full launch as a permissionless public network. Sui has experienced remarkable growth in this short period with nearly one million active accounts. The network's performance and efficiency have exceeded expectations, proving its potential. As a noteworthy example, Adeniyi highlighted the fact that it only costs $6.6 thousand to create a million NFTs on Sui, while the same task would cost $253 thousand on Solana and a staggering $33 million on Ethereum.

Wrapping up the keynote, Adeniyi revealed some exciting upcoming features for Sui. These include DeepBook, the network's first native liquidity layer, and liquid staking, which allows stakers to continue using their funds while earning rewards. These additions promise to enhance the Sui experience and provide users with even more options and benefits.

Exploring Web3 Innovations

Web3 technology is gaining recognition for its immense potential and economic opportunities, and during a recent event, representatives from Alibaba took the opportunity to showcase their cloud services and conduct a workshop. Alibaba Cloud for Web3 offers reliable hosting services for Validators, utilizing its cloud technology to ensure efficient transaction processing.

In a previous announcement, Alibaba shared its plans to launch the Blockchain Node Service to enhance API calls' speed and effectiveness.

Alibaba showed how its cloud services can support and empower Sui's infrastructure

During the event, an Alibaba representative delivered an insightful presentation on how their cloud services can bolster and empower the infrastructure of Sui. The discussion on infrastructure continued at the Builder House, where a panel explored the fundamental requirements and user experience techniques on the Sui platform. Esteemed representatives from companies like Typus Finance, Notifi, and Movement Labs shared their valuable perspectives and insights.

Joi Ito and Alex Shin, two notable figures in the technology industry, engaged in a thought-provoking conversation about the convergence of AI and blockchain. Joi, an experienced technologist, has dedicated the past few years to delving into Web3 and is the founder of the Center for Radical Transformation at the Chiba Institute of Technology. Alex Shin, the founder of Shinlabs, is actively involved in the Web3 field and has spoken at conferences worldwide.

The event also provided a platform for various builders to present their projects, as they took the stage to convince both a panel of judges and the audience of the potential of their ideas. The majority of the projects showcased focused on the realms of DeFi and NFT. At the end of the final day, Friday, the Builder House announced six winners:

  • Bucket Raffle System
  • DreamBook
  • Umi Protocol
  • VMeta3
  • Suia

Let's wait for the progress of these projects as they make their way onto the Sui blockchain in the near future!

Wrapping up

The Kyoto Sui Builder House event was a remarkable success, uniting a diverse range of participants who eagerly delved into the captivating opportunities presented by the Sui network. Exciting times are on the horizon as the Sui network continues its journey, leaving a lasting impact on the world of blockchain and decentralized systems.

As the Sui network continues to progress and evolve, it undoubtedly holds the power to shape the future of decentralized technologies. With its ongoing advancements, Sui is ready to unlock new possibilities and pave the way for innovations in the realm of blockchain.

Don't forget that the Sui Foundation will host the next Builder House in Paris from July 18 to 19. Make sure you register today before the capacity reaches!

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