Sui introduces APAC Office Hours for Builders

Sui introduces APAC Office Hours for Builders
Sui introduces APAC Office Hours for Builders

Join Sui Foundation's Growth team for Office Hours, a program designed to assist builders in taking their businesses to the next level.

What is "Office Hours"?

The Sui Foundation is deeply committed to fostering the global adoption of Sui. Through initiatives like Developer Grants, Builder House, and Ambassador Programs, developers are actively supported in their journey to build on Sui. However, it is understood that technical expertise alone is not enough to achieve success. Building a sustainable business requires navigating crucial steps such as fundraising, branding, business development, and marketing.

Introducing Office Hours, the Sui Foundation's inaugural program designed to guide builders through the entire process from product development to establishing a fully-fledged business. Participants will have the invaluable opportunity to meet with a Growth team member in these sessions. The Growth team comprises seasoned startup operators, marketing experts, and business development professionals who are dedicated to providing guidance and resources to help builders build successful businesses on their own terms.

Office Hours offer a platform for builders to engage in insightful discussions on a wide range of crucial topics for project growth. These include assessing the addressable market to identify potential opportunities, crafting effective go-to-market strategies for impactful launches, gaining valuable fundraising tips to secure necessary resources, conducting comprehensive competitor landscape analysis for a competitive edge, and exploring any other business-related topics that significantly contribute to the overall growth and success of their projects.

As the program expands, direct referrals to subject matter experts will be offered based on the specific needs of project teams, ensuring tailored guidance and support.

Office Hours serve as the foundation of the comprehensive Builder Success Program. By participating in Office Hours, projects will have the opportunity to attend future live events and online workshops, further enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Details of Office Hours

The inaugural Office Hours program prioritizes projects in the APAC region, with sessions for the EMEA and NA regions coming soon. First and second-time founders, as well as projects with market traction, will receive priority consideration.

The scheduled Office Hours sessions will take place on Tuesdays from 2 to 4:30 pm (GMT +8) in Mandarin Chinese and on Thursdays during the same time frame in English. This language diversity ensures accessibility and inclusivity, catering to both native Mandarin speakers and a wider English-speaking audience.

Builders from all regions are encouraged to take advantage of the Office Hours program, as the insights and guidance offered during these sessions can significantly contribute to project growth.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, Office Hours by the Sui Foundation provide builders with invaluable guidance and resources to take their businesses to the next level. Participants can gain insights to fuel project growth by focusing on crucial topics such as market assessment, go-to-market strategies, fundraising, and competition analysis.

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