Clutchy: Gaming and NFT Marketplace on Sui Network

Clutchy: Gaming and NFT Marketplace on Sui Network
Clutchy: Gaming and NFT Marketplace on Sui Network

Everything you need to know about Clutchy: Gaming and NFT Marketplace on Sui Network will be fully provided in this post.

1. Introduction

Clutchy is one of the Sui Blockchain NFT marketplaces and gaming. This platform helps construction projects related to Web3, NFT, and Gaming space to exchange, buy and sell properties to users. Although not a top project like BlueMove or Sui Gallery, Clutchy is very excited about the airdrop. On Twitter, the project has twice emphasized that there will be rewards for users soon.

2. Main features

2.1 Onchain Identity

Onchain Identity

This is a feature that allows users to freely customize their profile with NFT and use it in all Dapps and games built on Sui.

2.2 Launchpad


Similar to other Marketplaces, Clutchy provides a launchpad solution to support projects that can sell their NFTs to users.

If you have a project you want to Launchpad, see here.

2.3 Marketplace

Allows users to exchange, buy and sell digital items on the Sui Network ecosystem. Currently, there are a number of projects introduced above, but because Sui Network is still in the Devnet and Testnet process, there are almost no new activities for users to experience.

2.4 Community


Discuss your favorite games and see what Sui`s leading figures are buying

2.5 Earn

Use your social profile to keep track of your referrals and expected earnings.

Referral Program: This is a feature that allows users to share profits with others, basically this feature will enable you to receive more people from trading fees on the platform based on the number of people you refer.

Referral Program

Invite to earn

  • Step 1: Mint your profile
  • Step 2: Share your referral link
  • Step 3: Watch your rating grow
  • Step 4: Earn fee share

2.6 Game


Currently, users can experience games like Snake, Chess, Puzzie, and Checkers right on the project's platform and save the results on Discord. In the near future, Clutchy will update more games for you to experience.

3. Team

Jacob - CEO at Clutchy: Jacob worked a lot of jobs from the ages of like 12-13, and went to university later. Then was researching development for universities (4 years with Oxford), was distracted by the initial NFT boom, and came in web3. (See more)

4. Partners

Clutchy collaborates with several of the Sui family's main Sui partners to create mutually beneficial alliances for its own community.

In early December 2022, Mysten Labs announced a partnership with Clutchy and jointly held an AMA on Twitter of the Sui Network publishing team to announce this event.

Furthermore, Clutchy has recently joined and partnered with some additional wallets, including Sui Wallet, Suiet, Martian, Ethos, Bitkeep, Glass, Wave, Morphis, and Surf.

5. Roadmap

In the coming time, Clutchy focus on developer & creator experience especially around the NFT standards, empowering developers to build in their comfort zone without having to kind of require them to learn how to program.

7. Summary

The project has not updated too many details about the above features, but it can be seen that the provision of features allows users to freely customize their personal Profile and use it in all Dapps. on Sui Network is quite new. This may be the project's highlight to attract users in the near future.

Currently, users can experience the game right on the project's platform and save the results on Discord. This is an interesting and new experience that Clutchy brings to its users while waiting for Sui Network to develop.

Besides Clutchy, you can refer to BlueMove - The leading Multi-chain NFT Marketplace on Aptos & Sui Blockchain to capture the Sui marketplace better.

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