Aftermath Finance - The Ultimate Decentralized Exchange on Sui

Aftermath Finance - The Ultimate Decentralized Exchange on Sui
Aftermath Finance - The Ultimate Decentralized Exchange on Sui

Our blog will provide you with all the information about Aftermath Finance - The Ultimate Decentralized Exchange on Sui.

1. Introduction

What is Aftermath Finance?

Aftermath is one of the best Sui Blockchain DEXs. The project is currently building three DeFi-enabled pillars: Indices, Lending, and Derivatives (token options + perpetual).

Aftermath's mission is to build a suite of natively interoperable products that appeal to both retailers and institutions.

2. Main Features

  • Pools: Aftermath Pools utilize a Constant Mean curve type to allow for Pool sizes of up to seven coins with arbitrary weights. These Pools will enable the creation of higher-order products.
  • Stake: Stake your SUI coins with Aftermath Finance to earn a reliable yield on your assets while helping to secure the SUI network.
  • Capy Farm: Stake one of your capys on farm to earn SUI coins. Or breed with capy farm to create healthy baby capys to add to your collection.
  • Faucet: Come visit the faucet to mint Devnet and Testnet coins that you can use to interact with all of Aftermath Finance.

3. How does Constant Mean Market Maker works?

Aftermath is launching its Constant Mean Market Maker (CMMM) onto Devnet. The CMMM solves the limitations of existing market makers, such as Constant Product AMMs, by allowing for pools with more than two assets and arbitrary weighting of these assets.

The launch of CMMM on Devnet will be beneficial for low-liquid tokens, as Aftermath believes it can deliver the best experience for newly-launched tokens in this space.

Moreover, the ability to pool multiple tokens into one CMMM can combat fragmentation in the market, as instead of having multiple 2-asset pools, one large pool can be created that consolidates liquidity from different sources. This will be especially useful as Aftermath expects to have a significant amount of wrapped assets on Sui, and with other projects bridging liquidity into Sui, the CMMM will be able to efficiently pool this liquidity into one product.

In addition to solving these limitations, the granular weighting of assets in CMMM also allows for more interesting value distributions. This opens up the possibility of using CMMM as a building block to create decentralized indices and eventually, portfolio management systems that will not only track but also provide access to unified yield.

4. What problem does the Aftermath Finance project solve?

The DeFi market has seen a rise in popularity in recent times due to the perceived shortcomings of centralized exchanges. However, DeFi platforms still face some hurdles in attracting retail investors, particularly in terms of user experience (UX).

DeFi must address issues such as ease of conversion between fiat and crypto, a simple user interface, and a low-cost, low-latency order book to compete with centralized exchanges. Rollups and app-specific chains have made progress in this regard, but UX remains a challenge. Self-custody of assets across multiple blockchains and L2s can also be a barrier for inexperienced traders.

⇒ In response, Aftermath has decided to build a suite of DeFi products that offers something for traders and investors of all levels, unified with a user-friendly front end. After researching various options, Aftermath has chosen to build on Sui due to its speed, security, scalability, and decentralization. They will also partner with fiat on-ramps and offer education on safe self-custody of assets. The goal is to make DeFi applications as easy to use as centralized exchanges.

5. Partners

Aftermath Finance works with many of the major Sui partners in the Sui family to develop mutually beneficial partnerships for its own community.

Besides, in recent times, Aftermath Finance has connected and become partners with some other projects such as SuiNameService, Mysten Labs.

6. Roadmap

Aftermath's goal is to become Sui's liquidity hub. With the development roadmap around 3 products that the project is building.

  • For example, combining the clearing house from the perpetual protocol with both tokenized options and an order book allows the creation of cash-settled, under-collateralized options and date futures.
  • On the lending side, the order book enables the creation of spot margin trading, as well as interest rate swaps. Lending and the clearing house together enable LaaS.
  • Finally, the Index and Perpetual protocols together can create a blue chip basket-based margin trading platform, allowing for passive yield for LPs and much, much more.

7. Wallet support

9. Summary

Aftermath aims to become the liquidity hub of Sui by developing three innovative DeFi products. These include a cash-settled, under-collateralized options and date futures platform, a spot margin trading and interest rate swaps platform, and a blue chip basket-based margin trading platform that offers passive yield to liquidity providers. The company plans to bring these products to life over the coming years and encourage other builders to use its foundational infrastructure. As for tokenomic, Aftermath is currently being worked on. There will be a token in the future.

In addition, the launch of CMMM on Devnet is a significant milestone for Aftermath and has the potential to bring much-needed improvements to the cryptocurrency space. By overcoming limitations in existing market makers and offering unique capabilities, Aftermath aims to bring its vision to life and provide a better experience for users in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Above is all information about the project, you can refer to and experience before making your investment decision.

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