Why Shouldn't You Miss Kyoto Builder House?

Why Shouldn't You Miss Kyoto Builder House?
Why Shouldn't You Miss Kyoto Builder House?

Discover the benefits of joining Kyoto Builder House, a must-attend event happening from June 29th to June 30th.

As the cherry blossoms fade and Golden Week becomes a memory, it's time to embrace the vibrant summer season in Kyoto at the Sui Builder House. Join builders from various parts of Japan and beyond as they gather for a remarkable event filled with networking opportunities, enlightening talks, and the latest insights into Sui's technology and ecosystem.

Mark your calendars for the Sui Builder House in Kyoto, scheduled from Friday, June 29th, to Saturday, June 30th, hosted at the esteemed Ace Hotel. And for those eager to kick-start the experience, join us on Thursday, June 28th, for the Sui Ice Breaker event.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Secure your spot by registering today before the event reaches maximum capacity. Still unsure about attending? Let us present to you five compelling reasons why the Sui Builder House in Kyoto should be on your must-attend list.

Engaging Sessions, Discussions, and Innovation Contest

At Kyoto Builder House, immerse yourself in a stimulating environment filled with informative sessions, insightful panel discussions, and a thrilling hackathon. As the Sui Mainnet goes live, the team focuses shifts to developing revolutionary applications that will transform the way people work and play. The presentations will not only highlight coding best practices but also showcase the latest apps on the network. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a hackathon where you can compete for a generous prize pool.

Breaking the Ice and Expanding Your Network

Meeting individuals you have previously interacted with only online can be challenging. The Builder House program is designed to bridge the gap by organizing an ice-breaking event on Thursday, June 28th. Join fellow builders on an unforgettable kimono walking tour through the historic city of Kyoto, led by a guide dressed in traditional attire. Explore some of Kyoto's renowned temples, delve into the rich history of Japan's former capital, and engage in meaningful conversations with your peers. This experience will help forge lasting connections that extend far beyond the event itself.

Embrace the Essence of Japan

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Japan through a series of on-chain activations at the Builder House. This event serves as an intersection between the physical and virtual realms, providing a platform to showcase groundbreaking applications that will captivate all the esteemed guests. In Kyoto, you are guaranteed to create unforgettable memories and receive unique gifts that embody the essence of this remarkable country.

CoinPost Hackers Meetup

Sui and CoinPost are teaming up to host a virtual hackathon, and Kyoto Builder House will be the venue for the first in-person meeting of the participants. This exclusive gathering brings together some of the brightest coding talents associated with Sui. It presents an invaluable opportunity to engage in conversations, learn from experts, and gain insights into the art of app building on the Sui platform.

Showcase Your Project and Expertise

If you are eager to exhibit your project or share your knowledge with fellow attendees, seize the chance to become a speaker at the Sui Builder House in Kyoto! The Sui team is actively seeking speakers who have valuable insights to offer, whether it be innovative projects or novel solutions to coding challenges in Move. Secure a speaking slot by filling out the speaker application form and leave a lasting impact on the Sui Builder House community.

Wrapping up

The Sui Builder House events have ignited a global movement, bringing individuals from diverse backgrounds together to explore, connect, and discuss everything related to Sui. This year alone, the Sui community has witnessed the success of events held in Denver, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, leaving participants inspired and eager for more.

To stay updated on upcoming Builder House events near you, be sure to check out the comprehensive Sui Builder House schedule. Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to engage with the Sui community, expand your knowledge, and foster meaningful connections. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with the Sui community!

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