Souffl3: NextGen Smart Trading NFT Marketplace

Souffl3: NextGen Smart Trading NFT Marketplace
Souffl3: NextGen Smart Trading NFT Marketplace

NFT is one of the areas receiving great attention in the crypto market. Indeed, the market play has been formed with a very large number, the typical name that can be mentioned is Souffl3. So what is Souffl3? What are the characteristics? Let's find out through this article too!

1. Introduction

Souffl3 – one of the Sui NFT marketplaces & launchpads built on the Move programming language.

Souffl3 is a well-known and reputable NFT platform. Souffl3 combines the advantages of a marketplace with a launchpad, giving founders a straightforward and efficient approach to launch their collections on Aptos and, soon Sui.


2. Main features

2.1 Freelaunch


When using Freelaunch to mint on Souffl3, a creator can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Launch without any writing any types of code.
  • Without being charged any fee.
  • Control your own mint date.
  • Own collection launch page
  • Can freely decide the mint time, amount, and other necessary details themselves.

In order to qualify for a free launch on Souffl3, there is a unique method and standards that must be met:

  • Minimum of 2,000 followers on Twitter
  • The total supply of your collection cannot exceed 5,000
  • The price can’t exceed a specified amount
  • Every mint on Freelaunch will go through a 72-hour review period with the Souffl3 community prior to launch, thereby providing communication and connection between creators and the community.

One of the special features of Souffl3 that eliminates the chance for dishonest founders is the three-day community verification program. For the following three days, the community will evaluate the mint after it has been set. The mint page will be removed if any scams, offences, etc. are found.

Additionally, there is a second user protection mechanism that limits founders' withdrawals to 10% of the first day's sales of mint. The remaining funds will be blocked for ten days. Souffl3 offers a number of distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other NFT platforms in addition to its free launch program and user safety features.

2.2 Bake Off 2.0

Bake Off 2.0

A unique game called Bake Off is designed to reward active members of the community with cool and entertaining prizes.

How is it’s gonna work

  • Step 1: Collect ingredient NFTs through different ways (daily tasks, airdrops, secondary market, etc.)
  • Step 2: Bake an NFT using 5 ingredients from step 1.
  • Step 3: Every time you bake, you’ll get various rewards

Additionally, the Souffl3 crew supported its community by using particular ingredients: Each ingredient has 10 HP; each baking consumes 1 HP of each ingredient.

For participating in the game, players can receive various incentives, such as ingredients, NFTs, and tokens. The game, which has already amassed a sizable audience on the Aptos network, is apparently going to be added to Souffl3's Sui mainnet whenever it launches.

Previously, Souffl3 also built a Bake-off campaign and received great success.

3. Team

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Office: Rei Kikuchi

With high-level MOVE engineers and a marketing and operations staff that has grown a community of more than 500K on other blockchains, this company has experience in the cryptocurrency space. The group has previously worked on projects including ETH, Solana, etc.

The team has extensive expertise working with big data and the Web 3 on-chain; they have a background in creating applications with billions of users and dealing with the construction of data applications serving 1.2 billion people. The group has a strong capacity for rapid product acceptance and development.

4. Partners

Souffl3 works with many of the major Aptos partners in the Aptos family to develop mutually beneficial partnerships for its own community.

Besides, in recent times, Souffl3 has connected and become partners with some other platforms such as: with Oracle, Fewcha, Martian, Layer Zero, Blocto.

5. Backers

Souffl3 announces it has raised $2 million in a Seed Round. This money is used to develop next-generation NFT experiences for creators and collectors.

Souffl3 has 5 investors including J17 Capital, CRYPTO, Synergis, M77 Ventures.

Seed fundraising

6. Official links

7. Summary

In conclusion, Souffl3 is a strong and cutting-edge platform for purchasing, selling, and exchanging distinctive digital assets. It is a tempting option for NFT collectors, artists, and anybody interested in the fascinating world of NFTs due to its mix of a marketplace and launchpad, authenticity-checking tools, and the very popular Bake Off 2.0 game.

However, they’re not officially launched on Sui yet. We hope they won’t make us wait for too long. Maybe January or February?

Besides Souffl3, you can refer to Clutchy - Gaming and NFT Marketplace on Sui Network to capture the Sui marketplace better.

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