Overview: Sui Testnet Wave 2

Overview: Sui Testnet Wave 2
Overview: Sui Testnet Wave 2

After the Sui Testnet Wave 1's success in December of last year, the Sui Testnet Wave 2 will start up again on January 25, 2023. Wave 2 is anticipated to go live several weeks after Sui Testnet Wave 1.

What Makes Sui Testnet Wave 2 Different From Wave 1?

Participating in this enlarged wave are validators, full node operators, delegators, app developers, and end users. Sui estimates that there are twice as many validators participating as in Testnet Wave 1.

Many Full node operators qualified for rewards during Wave 1, and those who met the performance standards were invited back as incentive-eligible operators for Wave 2. On Testnet Wave 2, in particular, anyone may run a full node.

For app builders, Sui's co-developers have created a variety of programs on Sui Devnet, such as games, social networks, NFTs, and utility libraries. All developers are welcome to publish, test, and distribute their programs on Testnet Wave 2.

What Will Wave 2 Test?

Wave 2 will test Sui’s tokenomics, including:

Epoch management

At epoch borders, tokenomics actions like staking and canceling, validator addition and removal, and staking reward distribution all take place. Except for adding or removing validators, Sui will make all of these modifications in Wave 2.

Gas mechanism

Validators will take part in establishing the network's reference gas prices using gas price surveys, and tally rules will be used to track validators' performance.

Storage fund

Each fresh storage allotment Sui transaction is charged in storage pool bytes that are deposited. Validators receive stake rewards on permitted stakes as well as SUIs in the storage fund, making sure that validators both present and future are paid for the data they store.

Stake delegation and Proof-of-Stake mechanism

Every member of the Sui community has the ability to take part in the network's Proof-of-Stake governance and earn stake incentives.

Unique Point Of Sui Testnet Wave 2

A set of games created to stress-test Sui's tokenomics idea and implementation are also included in Testnet Wave 2. These games are made to test edge cases by causing significant epoch-to-epoch fluctuations in the validator stake distribution and reference gas price.

Frenemies: Games for everyone

Everyone can play the first game, Frenemies. The goal of the game is to have the validator's stake distribution fluctuate chaotically. A validator and an objective (Friend, Neutral, or Enemy) are given to an archenemy player in each epoch in accordance with their place on the stake distribution leaderboard.

Moving their validator to the specified position earns players points, but it's not an easy process because other players have their own objectives to chase! A prize will be given to the player with the highest score (This is not an airdrop). Keep an eye on Sui Discord and @SuiNetwork for more information about the launch of Frenemies, which will happen shortly after Wave 2 Genesis.

Validator Game: Games for validators

In contrast to Freemies, Sui's reference gas price mechanism is exclusively implemented in the Validator Game for validators. In this game, validators can change the minimum gas pricing in reaction to simulated outside variables like SUI price changes.

These games are purposefully made to disperse validators' stakes, and in Wave 2, the reference gas price varies greatly from epoch to epoch. These variations are crucial to testing the tokenization mechanism's edge cases.

A Few Reminders For Sui Testnet Wave 2

  • Please be aware that the staking incentives and Testnet SUI tokens are solely available for testing and have no monetary value.
  • Wave 2 involves testing the Sui token implementation's first version. Throughout and after Wave 2, the ideal accounting algorithm will be improved. Sui invites the public to contact Sui via Tonomics' Discord channel with any questions or discrepancies.
  • Rate-limited Testnet faucets will be used, same as in Wave 1, to give fair access to gas tokens and guarantee a positive user experience for the Sui community.
  • To avoid bot-based abuse, API-based faucets will be disabled for the Wave 2 Test Network. For Wave 2, there is just one Discord-based faucet accessible.
  • Wave 2 involves testing the Sui token implementation's first version. Throughout and after Wave 2, the ideal accounting algorihm

More information and links to relevant material may be found in the Testnet Wave 2 blog post: https://sui.io/sui-resources/testnet-wave-2-is-now-live/

Final thought

Sui anticipates entering a dynamic, action-packed, and educational Wave 2 amidst the age changes, Frenemies, Validator Game, and many ways to test our v1 token implementation. The community's active involvement in Wave 2 has greatly aided in the development of the Sui Mainnet. Sui Testnet Wave 2 has been synthesized into an extremely detailed series following a test run. Start with Sui Testnet Wave 2 Recap Part 1 if you want to learn more about this series.

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