Movex – The First Dex on SUI Blockchain

Movex – The First Dex on SUI Blockchain
Movex – The First Dex on SUI Blockchain

Today, we will cover one of the first DEXs called MovEX. What is Mixed Liquidity DEX, ILO, and Smart Liquidity Management? Let's find out together in the simplest way.


MovEX is one of the Sui Blockchain decentralized exchanges, this is the first project in the DEX AMM array. MovEX is a community project built to provide the best liquidity and trading experience to its users. Currently, the project is in Devnet version.

No chain can sustainably exist, as we all know, without its native DEX. Uniswap is available on Ethereum, Quickswap on Polygon, Osmosis on Cosmos, and so on. But in 2022, creating a broad DEX based on AMM won't shock many people. So let's examine how the MovEX team combines the order book and AMM technologies to create the best user experience.

  • AMM - an automated market maker (AMM) is a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that relies on a mathematical formula to price assets. Instead of using an order book like a traditional exchange, assets are priced according to a pricing algorithm.
  • Order book – a real-time updated electronic list of buy and sell orders. That’s how centralized exchanges (CEX) normally work.

Main features

As previously said, MovEX creates hybrid liquidity DEX by combining both AMM and order book.

Hybrid liquidity DEX

Hybrid liquidity DEX

MovEX combines AMM and Orderbook, to provide an optimal trading experience for users, the project will create a combined liquidity pool. Internally, MovEX is a settlement engine that distributes orders between the AMM and the Orderbook to ensure even minimal slippage for traders. There is also fairness for those providing liquidity.

The idea of Concentrated Liquidity AMM has been used in Uniswap V3 since May 2021. It gives the ability for liquidity providers to choose the range in which their liquidity will be used. This results in reducing impermanent loses (IL), deeper liquidity within certain price ranges, and higher rewards for LP providers.

From the order book mechanism, MovEX integrates advanced orders:

  • limit orders
  • Stop loss orders
  • Take profit orders

By submitting a limit order, users essentially act as liquidity providers and earn LP rewards once their orders are executed.

ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering)

ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering)

This is a service provided for fundraising projects as well as tools to help manage liquidity after each launch.

The ILO offers a token sale solution that allows project owners to customize:

  • By time period
  • According to the price range
  • Follow advanced token sale toolset: such as Dutch auctions, Buket auctions, and liquidity bootstrap pool (LBP)

To further enhance fundraising and fairness in token distribution.

In addition, making it easier for the community to participate in investing in ILO projects from the early stages. Besides, the collected stable coins will be automatically paired with project tokens to form a liquidity pool after the token sale event.

Intelligent Liquidity Management

Intelligent Liquidity Management

MovEX offers this service to help reduce slippage when trading in illiquid environments. Like helping users to optimize capital by providing liquidity and earning profits. The liquidity provider aims to generate optimal liquidity allocation according to specific utility functions and automatically adjusts liquidity to users in a decentralized and asset-free fashion.


The project is in the process of finding more strategic partners, with the aim of expanding relationships before the official product launch. Partners can be mentioned such as Suiet, Web3 Space,...

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As a pioneer project in the field of AMM DEXs on Sui Blockchain, if successful, it will certainly create greater resonance and attraction for this ecosystem. Even before that, the Sui ecosystem is also one of the names that many investors or developers are paying attention to in recent times.

However, we have to note that many concepts are still under development and can’t be tested right now. There is not much information about its roadmap and team either.

For now, you can join the public Testnet running on Sui's Devnet as shown below.

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Guide to experience the MovEX project

In this part, we will experience the MovEX project together. MovEX is a community project built to provide the best liquidity and trading experience for users and project developers on the Sui Blockchain ecosystem. Let's go through the Testnet steps to experience this project together.

Step 1

First, you need to access the homepage of MovEX at **** Then proceed to connect Sui wallet or Suiet with MovEX by clicking “Connect”.

Step 1

Step 2

After connecting Suiet with MovEX, please proceed to select "Claim test token" to get the project experience token.

Step 2

Step 3

Next, you choose the Trade section to experience the project's Swap token feature.

Step 3

Step 4

Add liquidity to Trade.

In the "Trade" section, you choose the amount of SUSD and WSUI you want to add to the liquidity for the Pool.

Step 4

Step 5

Click Approve to complete the transaction. Finally, the transaction “Success”.

Step 5

Besides MovEX, you can refer to Aftermath Finance - one of the best Sui Blockchain DeFi Protocols to capture the Sui DEXs better.

Be sure to check out Suipiens website and social media channels to stay up-to-date on all things about Sui Blockchain!

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