Everything You Need To Know About Kiosks

Everything You Need To Know About Kiosks
Everything You Need To Know About Kiosks

Discover the power of Sui's Kiosk primitive that empowers creators to effortlessly establish digital shops, sell NFTs, and enforce automatic royalties.

In the world of blockchain and digital assets, Sui's Kiosk primitive emerges as a brilliant development. Designed within the Sui Network, Kiosks introduce a seamless way for individuals and businesses to establish their online shops and showcase their NFTs and other digital treasures. What sets Kiosks apart is their innate ability to enforce royalties automatically, ensuring content creators are rightfully compensated even when their creations change hands.

Unlike conventional systems on the web, Sui's technology is purpose-built to accommodate commerce. This support for commercial activities, including secure transactions and data privacy, is intricately woven into the fabric of the Sui network.

At the heart of this innovative approach lie smart contracts coded in Sui Move, a language tailored for Sui's ecosystem, fortified by Sui's robust security measures. Elevating commerce to new heights, the Kiosk primitive introduces a range of features, from auctions to customized transaction policies and secure ownership transfers.

Empowering Creatives of All Sizes

The beauty of the Kiosk primitive lies in its accessibility. Whether you're an individual creator or a bustling marketplace, the tools you need to establish your digital storefront are seamlessly integrated into Sui Move. This eliminates the need for additional layers of complexity or reliance on third-party services, a boon compared to the traditional web and certain other blockchains.

In Sui's terminology, a Kiosk serves as a shared object within the network, functioning as a repository for digital assets. Managed by its creator through the KioskOwnerCap, a single-owner object, the Kiosk stores and manages digital assets that can be sold, auctioned, or even given away.

Setting up a Kiosk is surprisingly straightforward, as demonstrated below:

The process of offering assets for sale through a Kiosk involves two steps: first, transferring the assets to the Kiosk using the sui::kiosk::place function and then listing them using the kiosk::list function. These functions are seamlessly integrated into Sui Move. Once listed, potential buyers can peruse the offerings and make purchases.

Empowering Creators Through Royalties

However, Kiosks offer more than just a platform for transferring ownership. They empower creators to set specific policies for their assets. A noteworthy application of this feature is the establishment of royalties for original artwork, often in the form of NFTs. Royalties provide creators with an ongoing economic stake in their creations, even as these assets change hands. For instance, a creator might institute a three percent royalty, allowing them to earn a share of subsequent sales. This mechanism ensures that artists continue to benefit from the growing popularity of their work, fostering ongoing creativity and innovation.

Unveiling the E-Commerce Revolution

Reflecting on the staggering $5.7 trillion in e-commerce sales of the past year, it's clear that this arena has come a long way since the dawn of Amazon and eBay in 1995. The growth of this market demanded significant engineering investments, with players like Shopify and Square expanding e-commerce's reach.

However, Sui's approach to e-commerce is refreshingly different. E-commerce capabilities are woven into the very fabric of the Sui network, offering individuals and businesses the tools they need to establish diverse marketplaces with a fraction of the resources required by traditional web giants.

Sui's Kiosk stands as a versatile tool catering to various use cases. Beyond NFT markets, it extends to digital music services, enabling musicians to set and earn their royalties. Photographers and filmmakers can explore novel distribution models through Sui. Additionally, digital assets can represent tangible assets such as car titles or property deeds. With its revolutionary features, Sui has the potential to reshape the landscape of e-commerce.


In the evolving world of blockchain and digital assets, Sui's Kiosk primitive emerges as a beacon of innovation. By integrating commerce capabilities into its network, Sui empowers creators and businesses to establish digital shops, sell NFTs, and even enforce royalties effortlessly. As we embrace this exciting era of e-commerce evolution, Sui's Kiosk stands at the forefront, offering a glimpse into a future where commerce is streamlined, creative rights are preserved, and possibilities are limitless.

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