Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #8 (October 11, 2023)

Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #8 (October 11, 2023)
Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #8 (October 11, 2023)

Welcome to Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #8, where we bring you the freshest updates and news from the thriving DeFi projects on Sui Blockchain.


$PRL has been officially listed on FlowX. $PRL is the native token of @suipearlfi (a yield aggregator that allows users to maximize yield earning through different farming strategies on @SuiNetwork).

The LoyaX campaign from FlowX has officially ended. Those who have ranked at the top of LoyaX will have the opportunity to mint FlowX's Loyalty NFT Pass in the upcoming minting phase.

FlowX official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


KriyaDEX has partnered with HeroSwap! Now, users can swap into Sui instantly & anonymously, powered by HeroSwap & DeSo Smart Services โ€” to experience institutional-grade trading on-chain. This partnership comes just in time as Kriya refills their Suinami 2.0 reward pools with 133,369 $SUI for the next 2 weeks.

In other news, KriyaDEX has reached 5M TVL in 2 months since their mainnet!

Kriya also announced their KriyaDEX Ambassador Program with some benefits as lucrative rewards such as allocation in $KRIYA IDO, $SUI tokens in competitions, and up to 5x boosts based on your past engagement with KriyaDEX, etc.

Typus Finance

Typus Finance just released some updates to their Season 1 Level Up campaign:

  • Deposit is now LIVE
  • For every $1 equivalent users deposit, users can earn 0.01 per hour! Bidding per $1 premium has now been bumped up to 200 EXP!

More information can be found here.

In other news, Typus also released a Twitter Space to talk about Sui kiosk and the possibilities of NFT tech on the Sui Network with some all-star panels featuring @themoveguy, @anoopkansupada, @thebryanjun, and @Pentameal. You can hear the Space again here.

Typus Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Bucket Protocol

Bucket with some updates about the Liquidity Mining Program with 79,238 $SUI rewards in the coming weeks.

Bucket Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Scallop announced that their TVL has surpassed $5.5M!

Scallop announced their official partnership with @volo_sui, the liquid staking solution that helps users maximize utility and liquidity for Sui.

Scallop official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

NAVI with some Parameter Changes to their protocol

Optimal Utilization Rate

  • USDC: ย 60% -> 50%
  • SUI: 65% -> 55%
  • USDT: ย 75% -> 50%

In other news, another new knowledge from NAVI where they educate about Flash Loans - a feature that will eventually make its way to NAVI protocol.

NAVI Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Kana Labs

@kanalabs ย and @ethosx_finance ย are proud to announce Switch - A revolutionary tokenized derivative product. With Switch, users can:

  • Trade on crypto price movements.
  • Safeguard against market volatility.
  • Earn, Stake, or Deposit assets.

Kana Labs official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Haedal announced that they have won the Sui Liquid Staking Hackathon, claiming the 2nd spot.


The cumulative trading volume executed by @CetusProtocol has officially exceeded $500M.

Cetus official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Turbos Finance

Turbos teamed up with @PythNetwork to bring users real-time token prices on @SuiNetwork, empowering them to make swaps with confidence based on 24-hour pricing trends.

In other news, Turbos' 24-hour trading volume just hit an all-time high of $2M!

Turbos Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


WispSwap announced that their Liquid Staking Derivative, wispSui, has officially landed on the @SuiNetwork testnet.

WispSwap official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Interest Protocol

Interest Protocol announced that they have made the strategic decision to discontinue support for our DEX's user interface in light of low user adoption and a plethora of alternatives in the market. Users are kindly advised to complete the withdrawal of their liquidity by December 1st, 2023.

Interest Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Aftermath Finance

Aftermath Finance OKX Wallet has been integrated into Aftermath. Users of OKX Wallet will now be able to trade throughout Aftermath with ease

In other news, @AftermathFi announced the partnership with @WispSwap. Aftermath has officially joined the wispSUI LST basket powered by @WispSwap

Aftermath Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Volo announced their strategic partnership with @surf_wallet, one of the first zkLogin wallets on Sui! As part of their collaboration, they will be working closely with Surf to make our Liquid Staking Token $vSUI available to all users.

In other news, Volo announced the partnership with @scallop_io, expanding ways to utilize $vSUI.

Volo official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

That's all for this week's DeFi project updates in Sui! Stay tuned for our next update, where we'll bring you more exciting news and developments from the world of decentralized finance. We're committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the DeFi space in Sui Network. See you next time with even more exciting updates with Suipiens!

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