Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #6 (September 18, 2023)

Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #6 (September 18, 2023)
Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #6 (September 18, 2023)

Welcome to Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #6, where we bring you the freshest updates and news from the thriving DeFi projects on Sui Blockchain.


FlowX Finance has officially been audited by @Verichains!

Since 2017, Verichains has been a pioneer and leading blockchain security firm in APAC, with extensive expertise in security, cryptography, and core blockchain technology. More than 200 clients trust them with $50 billion assets under protection, including several high-profile clients such as BNB Chain, Klaytn, Wemix, Line Corp, Axie Infinity, Ronin Network, and Kyber Network.

FlowX official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


KriyaDEX joined the hype train of $SCB - the native token of @sacabamfun, Sui’s native memecoin.

By adding the liquidity, users can earn from the 1000 $SUI LP reward pool in the 1st week of listing.

KriyaDEX official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Typus Finance

Typus Finance introduces the Season 1 Level Up Campaign. The special thing about the campaign is that the more you utilize Typus products, the more EXPs you will accumulate. Once you've reached the required amount of EXPs, you will be able to level up. It's obvious that when users advance to Level 2 and beyond, your Tails will start evolving and upgrading unique traits. With these new traits come new benefits for users as well!

Typus Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Bucket Protocol

A new product update from Bucket Protocol! From now $BUCK holders can use the "Redeem" function on the Bucket webpage for accepted collateral at face value. This will create arbitrage opportunities for users, keeping $BUCK stable and pegged.

Bucket Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Scallop released the Scallop Bug Bounty Program with rewards up to 300,000$. The emphasis of the program is on smart contract security to protect user funds and maintain the platform's solvency. UI-related bugs are excluded from this program.

In other news, Scallop also announced they have put up an additional bounty for project teams as part of the Sui Foundation Liquid Staking Hackathon with $5000 USD in SUI Tokens as the reward. The winner will be revealed on October 2.

Scallop official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

The NAVI x Typus Minting will start on Sep 14, users will be able to mint Tails by @TypusFinance, the unique 3D Dynamic NFTs in collab with Studio Mirai.

NAVI Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Turbos Finance

The unique wallet address in @Turbos_finance has surpassed over 300K!

In other news, $TURBOS - $USDT is now officially supported on @SupraOracles mainnet

Turbos Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


@WispSwap announced their partnership with @volo_sui, including VoloSUI LST in the wispSUI LST basket. This partnership is a major boost for the Sui LSDfi ecosystem, reinforcing the commitment to decentralization within @SuiNetwork.

WispSwap official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Volo announced the completion of our first smart contract audit for $voloSUI with @MoveBit_

Volo official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

That's all for this week's DeFi project updates in Sui! Stay tuned for our next update, where we'll bring you more exciting news and developments from the world of decentralized finance. We're committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the DeFi space in Sui Network. See you next time with even more exciting updates with Suipiens!

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