Sui Foundation Announced The Builder Hero Award!

Sui Foundation Announced The Builder Hero Award!
Sui Foundation Announced The Builder Hero Award!

The Builder Hero Award, announced by the Sui Foundation on February 7, 2023, honors early adopters that develop the ecosystem and community!

What Is The Builder Hero Award?

To make web3 accessible to the subsequent billion people, The Sui Network depends on its community of creators and contributors. Although everyone in the Sui community works to improve the community, some people have put in more time and effort than others since Sui's foundation. The Builder Hero Award was created to honor the most exceptional people who have made significant contributions to fostering the expansion of the network and ecosystem.

Up to 15 projects will get Builder Hero Awards. The winner will receive a prize package that is incredibly alluring, including cash, a pass to a Sui Builder House, and cool Sui swag. Don't hesitate to nominate any Builder who has made a significant contribution to the Sui ecosystem to the Sui Foundation by filling out the form at:

Hurry and submit as many potential builders for the Sui Foundation as you can before the award is presented on February 17, 2023. Continue reading our next section to find out who is eligible.

Who Are Potential Builders For This Award?

Developers who have received this honor from the Sui founders have made contributions to the Sui open-source code on GitHub, built tools that facilitate development, and released new, compelling applications on Devnet. The potential Builder is another somebody that educates the community on Sui Move.

On the Sui Developer Forum, Sui Discord, and the Suinami Riders Telegram channel, they can also be active builders who are always willing to assist members of their community by responding to inquiries, providing technical answers, and offering feedback to the Sui team and other ecosystem projects.

Additionally, prospective builders can post presentations, teaching materials, or other lessons online that explain how to construct on Sui.

What Is The Difference Between The Builder Hero Award And the Developer Grant Program?

The Developer Grant Program was created with the aim of funding prototype initiatives that will advance the Sui ecosystem. Recipients of the Developer Grant Program might get more money as their projects develop and demonstrate promise. The Sui network's development has been aided by community members and projects that will be received the Builder Hero Award. Some projects may be eligible for both the Builder Hero Award and the Developer Grant Program; they are not mutually exclusive.

To update the list of 20 Builder Heros, check out our article now: Sui Foundation Reveals Sui Builder Hero Award Winners!

Wrapping Up

The newly announced Builder Hero Award from the Sui Foundation marks an important milestone for those committed to creating a more equitable future. Through this award, the Foundation hopes to bring recognition and support to those who have had impactful initiatives in their communities and will continue to do so. With this award, they’ll have access to the resources they need to reach new heights, something that should be celebrated. We look forward to seeing what amazing work these Builder Heroes bring forth!

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