Sui Foundation Reveals Sui Builder Hero Award Winners!

Sui Foundation Reveals Sui Builder Hero Award Winners!
Sui Foundation Reveals Sui Builder Hero Award Winners!

The Sui Foundation announced the 20 winners of the Sui Builder Hero Awards on February 21, 2023. Sui formally launched this award's registration on February 7.

Early community contributors who made considerable efforts to promote Sui are honored with the Sui Builder Hero Award. The 20 winners are those that stand out by creating tools and applications that improve the Sui network and assist other builders or promote their fellow builders through active forum activity. The Sui Builder Hero Award includes cash prizes, invitations to Sui Builder Houses, and exciting Sui swag.

How Does Sui Foundation Choose Sui Builder Hero Award Winners?

First Builder Hero Award nominations were submitted by The Sui Foundation of Mysten Labs and trusted, involved community members. The Sui Foundation encourages nominations:

  • The builders assisted in the training of their fellow developers on Sui by developing tutorials, and presentations, answering queries in the Sui Discord and creating open-source projects with use cases and sample code.
  • Sui's network development was driven by the builders, who exhibited Sui's capabilities through genuine apps, developer tools, infrastructure development, and technical solutions.
  • Sui Discord, Forums, and other channels' active people are highlighted as community contributors. These men were fantastic at answering questions and providing excellent technical assistance, assisting their fellow builders in learning and solving difficult challenges.

20 Developers Win Sui Builder Hero Award

The Sui Builder Hero Award winners have developed a wide range of Sui network projects. These early wagers on Sui placed in Devnet show these builders' confidence and understanding of Sui's potential. The developers of these projects have established themselves in the Sui community by taking part in forums, organizing conferences and presentations, and making contributions to the Sui GitHub. Here are 20 developers win Sui Builder Hero Award:


This decentralized exchange has features like pools, which are useful for managing portfolios and indices, staking, and even a Capy farm where users can stake or breed their Capys.


Sui Launchpad assists projects by allowing them to raise cash through token production and initial offerings. The platform was well-liked on Sui Devnet, where it attracted thousands of users.


Since the beginning of Sui's Devnet and through Testnet Waves, BlueMove has established and managed the NFT market. For Sui, this build tool has produced a well-liked use case. Everyone can easily participate and benefit from Sui because to the marketplace.


Capsule is a proposed standard for attaching metadata to objects. They are active builders who aid their community members in both online and offline Sui communities.


These builders are working on Cetus, a decentralized exchange that will facilitate currency trading. Other developers can incorporate Cetus' libraries into their decentralized financial applications.


Sui is used by Cramium as a branding solution to produce digital discounts, loyalty schemes, gated events, and special content. Sui enters the world of essential services for regular consumers with the help of these use cases.


The first third-party program on Sui, Ethos Wallet, was released by these developers, and they are now building the infrastructure for virtual wallets. Together with the release of several apps, like Sui Chess and Sui Checkers, they also contribute to community education through open-source initiatives and blog posts about Move on their Medium platform.


This NFT marketplace is designed for gaming, which is a perfect use for Sui. Keepsake, when integrated into a game, might be used to convert character goods, such as clothing items, into NFTs. These products would be available for players to inventory, trade, and sell.

Kuna Labs

These builders wrote a piece on the Move programming language, implemented and open-sourced an automated market maker smart contract, and worked with the Sui team to address any early problems.


This liquidity platform features a decentralized exchange and an automated market maker, two services that can support different decentralized financial apps. Co-hosting Several instructional events, the builders also worked to welcome new developers to Sui.


By publishing SDKs and tools, this group is making it simple for developers to apply standards to NFTs on Sui. Also, they are constructing a liquidity layer for Sui that may be used as a benchmark for purchasing and selling NFTs.


By examining the security of the Sui network and the Sui Move virtual machine, OtterSec's creators play a significant role. Their efforts increase network trust because they are separate builders from Sui's developers.


An early betting app on Sui was developed by this extremely active builder in behalf of a third-party escrow holder. Then emerged Polymedia Chat, a Revolutionary on-chain chat application. The open-source code and support from the community provided by this builder have helped other developers.


A fundamental strategy for integrating new builders with Sui is to make Sui compatible with current programming languages. PySui, a Python client SDK for the Sui network, was created by this builder.

Many Sui users come from this NFT marketplace, which was introduced on the original Devnet. More than 30,000 people are minting NFTs on the market. Through their outreach, the builders have also expanded the Turkish Sui community.


The Sui network is aggressively promoted by the Suia developers, who extol its virtues in forums and on their websites. Its proof-of-attendance technology enables businesses to introduce gamification and give items like event tickets and contribution medals.


Suiet is a straightforward standalone wallet with several intriguing capabilities, such the capacity to mint NFTs. The team that created it also made the code accessible as open source so that other developers could use it to create their own wallets or learn from it.


Both businesses and individuals can build on-chain identities thanks to this name service, which offers the .move and .sui extensions. This service supports safe transactions and anonymity preservation. Also, the club hosts frequent gatherings to welcome new Sui members.


This blockchain explorer provides a fantastic real-time dashboard view of the Sui network. See statistics for all active Sui networks, including transactions, currency, validators, and NFTs.


Switchboard is a highly helpful tool for developers to create web3 apps as a permissionless oracle protocol for general-purpose data feeds and verifiable randomization. In particular, creating data feeds is made simple with a drag-and-drop interface.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the 2023 Sui Builder Hero Award Winners have been revealed and each winner has made the greatest positive impact on Sui. Sui aspires to support those who establish and grow the Sui network through The Sui Foundation. Sui, in addition to the Builder Hero Award, supports a variety of activities that help educate, promote, and build Sui's community!

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