Sui Blockchain Report #19

Sui Blockchain Report #19
Sui Blockchain Report #19

Welcome to the Sui Blockchain Report #19! This series will explore the most recent updates, news, and developments within the Sui Ecosystem!

Protocol & dev tool updates

Media Highlights


  • @SuiNetwork unveiled 17 projects for their latest grant recipients.
  • The first @easya_app challenge just dropped for the #60DaysofSui series!
  • @streamflow_fi is officially live on @SuiNetwork. Sui-native teams can now leverage their suite of on-chain token vesting models, bringing a whole new level of transparency to the table.
  • Developers can join the bootcamp from @risein_com, and master the latest programming language, @SuiNetwork Move.
  • zkLogin is now LIVE on Sui Mainnet!
  • SUI will be listed on @OKCoinJapan soon!
  • @SuiNetwork collaborate with @GhafLabs and introduce Sui's state-of-the-art #Web3 technologies to the #MENA region.
  • South Korean mobile developer NHN will build games on Sui in partnership with @Mysten_Labs.
  • The @SuiFoundation announced the first cohort of recipients of the Sui Education Grants.
  • @WelldoneStudio_ offers Korean lessons about @SuiNetwork on Korea's top edu platform @inflearn! Learn everything from basic to advanced topics like Sui Object and game smart contracts for free!
  • @kanalabs Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator is now LIVE on the #Sui Mainnet -
  • Professor of Cryptography, @billatnapier, details what it was like participating in the zkLogin ceremony that recently concluded in this article.
  • There are now over 6,000,000 Active Accounts on Sui!
  • ALL.ART Unity-Sui Wallet is NOW LIVE! Full, open-source & ready for devs to integrate @SuiNetwork into @unity projects.
  • @CryptoSlate recently published this in-depth report on Sui. It provides an overview of the network, as well as the tech and team behind it.
  • @SuiNetwork co-host the MetaTrust Web3 CTF Security Competition with @MetaTrustLabs! Winners of the competition can get a share totaling over $10,000 USD and 14,000 SUI.
  • The @Mysten_Labs Bug Bounty Program is now live! The Program focuses on Mysten Labs products and innovations and currently includes any bugs related to Sui Wallet.
  • @SupraOracles introduces 6 projects that are using the power of Supra’s #oracle on the Sui Blockchain. Discover how these projects are changing the game in this thread.
  • @SuiNetwork released a new Twitter Space covering the topic of the Sui Gaming AMA.
  • @OmniBTC is now integrated with Sui's first native Central Limit Order Book, DeepBook!
  • @CetusProtocol has officially integrated @DeepBookonSui to be a part of its universal liquidity reserves.


Ecosystem Highlights

New projects

Other ecosystem news


Below, you will find the updated list of all the new partnerships forged within the Sui Ecosystem over the past month.

Source: Suians
Source: Suians

Notable statistics of Sui Blockchain

Here are the updated statistics for the Sui Blockchain as of October 2, 2023.

Source: Suiscan
Sui hits the ATH of TVL. Source: DefiLlama
Source: DefiLlama
Protocol Rankings on Sui Network. Source: DefiLlama 
Top NFT collections on Sui Network. Source: SuiVision
A comparison between NFT Marketplaces in Sui Network. Source: SuiVision

For more news and updates from the world of the Sui Blockchain, continue reading the Sui Blockchain Report #18.

This marks the conclusion of the current Sui Blockchain Report #19. Be sure to check out Suipiens' website and social media channels to stay up-to-date about Sui Blockchain!

Official links about Sui: Website | Twitter | Discord

Official links about Suipiens: Website | Twitter | Discord