Sui Blockchain Report #15

Sui Blockchain Report #15
Sui Blockchain Report #15

Introducing episode #15 of the Sui Blockchain Weekly Report! This series aims to delve into the latest developments and significant news surrounding the Sui Ecosystem.

As we progress in the realm of blockchain, it is crucial to reflect upon the recent transformations that have unfolded. At Sui Blockchain, we have compiled a compilation of these notable shifts to ensure you stay well-informed about the dynamic nature of Sui. Therefore, settle in, relax, and delve into our newest report, #15, where we present you with the latest news and updates regarding the Sui Ecosystem.

Protocol & dev tool updates

Media Highlights



Ecosystem Highlights

New projects

Check out some new projects coming to Sui:

Other ecosystem news:


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Official links about Sui: Website | Twitter | Discord

Official links about Suipiens: Website | Twitter | Discord