Mysten Labs and Anapaya Leverage Web3 Security with SCION

Mysten Labs and Anapaya Leverage Web3 Security with SCION
Mysten Labs and Anapaya Leverage Web3 Security with SCION

Anapaya Systems AG, a prominent SCION technology provider, has received a substantial investment of $2 million from Mysten Labs. This collaboration aims to fortify and leverage the Sui blockchain by harnessing the SCION next-generation network technology, promising secure communication for Web3 infrastructures.

Mysten Labs recently announced the strategic partnership and investment in Anapaya, a force within the SCION network landscape. Their shared vision revolves around utilizing the SCION next-generation network technology to ensure secure communication for Web3 infrastructures, with a primary focus on fortifying the Sui blockchain. This collaboration serves as a testament to the maturation of Web3 technology, catering to diverse infrastructure use cases with enhanced security measures.

Anapaya has established themselves as a primary proponent of the SCION infrastructure, a forward-thinking wide-area network technology that prioritizes high assurance from its very foundations. The SCION framework serves as a potent shield against denial of service attacks, offers robust authentication options for all network traffic, and boasts immunity to routing attacks by design, setting a security standard that conventional IP networks struggle to match. Notably, SCION's deployment in Switzerland's banking and healthcare sectors underscores its capacity to safeguard critical operations.

The integration of SCION within Web3 infrastructures represents a significant milestone, significantly bolstering their security measures. Currently, they are actively experimenting with incorporating the Sui protocol into SCION, aiming to reinforce the communication channels between validators, full nodes, and blockchain clients. This strategic move seeks to render Sui impervious to IP network-level attacks, solidifying its position as the most dependable Web3 infrastructure for businesses and developers alike.

Moreover, certain aspects of SCION stand to gain from the rapid transaction processing capabilities offered by Sui. Earlier this year, Mysten Labs proudly welcomed Professor Adrian Perrig, the visionary mind behind the SCION network, as an advisor. This collaboration has paved the way for the exploration of joint product development, leveraging the best-in-class technologies from both Sui and SCION. Notably, the publication of the Hummingbird design in August marked a significant milestone, outlining plans to empower the SCION network with guaranteed quality of service features, all powered by Sui's robust control plane.

Evan Cheng, the CEO and co-founder of Mysten Labs, emphasizes, "The highly secure and efficient communication structure of SCION serves as a crucial differentiator for Sui as we relentlessly pursue the highest levels of security. Our foray into this space was driven by the aspiration to create a more robust infrastructure for Web3, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Anapaya to achieve this goal."

Adding to this sentiment, Adrian Perrig, esteemed Prof. Dr. at ETH Zurich and the mastermind behind SCION, remarks, "The SCION network, with its decentralized and secure operation, seamlessly aligns with the ethos of Web3. This partnership opens the door for us to redefine the benchmarks in security, scalability, and efficiency, pushing the boundaries of what's possible."

Martin Bosshardt, the CEO of Anapaya Systems, chimes in, "Anapaya's SCION-powered products are poised to revolutionize the current Web3 landscape. By joining forces with Mysten Labs, we are at the forefront of this movement, fostering decentralized applications and networks with SCION at their core. We extend our gratitude to Mysten Labs for their trust and unwavering commitment to the success of this collaboration in advancing their solutions."

Through the partnership between Anapaya Systems and Mysten Labs, a secure, resilient, and high-performance SCION-based Web3 communications infrastructure is taking shape, poised to serve as the industry benchmark. This SCION-powered configuration promises to enhance the end-user experience across all Web3 levels, laying the foundation for a more secure and reliable digital future.

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About Anapaya Systems

Anapaya Systems AG is a Swiss company whose goal is to build an international ecosystem that provides SCION-based services for a more reliable, secure, and stable network experience. Our solutions provide companies around the world with a way to securely and transparently transport critical business data across the network and transfer information between corporate locations, trusted partners, and cloud providers.