Exploring Sui: Unveiling Unique Features for Builders

Exploring Sui: Unveiling Unique Features for Builders
Exploring Sui: Unveiling Unique Features for Builders

Janet Wu, Director of Product at Mysten Labs, shares her thoughts on the distinctive features available for builders on Sui in a recent conversation.

In a recent discussion with Janet Wu, Director of Product at Mysten Labs, we gained valuable insights into the product development process on Web3, the exciting use cases on Sui, and the future of the industry. In this article, we'll explore Wu's perspective on the unique features of Sui and their potential impact on builders and developers.

Understanding the Role of Director of Product at Mysten Labs

As Wu explains, being the Director of Product involves adopting a customer-centric mindset and ensuring that the products delivered by Mysten Labs meet customer satisfaction. The team's focus lies on serving technical individuals, such as partner integrators, validators, and everyday application developers, who actively contribute to the Sui ecosystem.

Unveiling Unique Features on Sui

While Sui is still in its early stages, Wu expresses excitement about several features, particularly programmable transaction blocks (PTBs). PTBs offer unparalleled power and expressiveness, surpassing even the capabilities of Web2 programming models. Wu also highlights the competitive gas fee models on Sui, which have garnered interest from developers who are often unaware of the extensive possibilities offered by the platform.

Bridging the Gap for Developers

To facilitate adoption and bridge the knowledge gap among developers, Wu emphasizes the need for education and evangelism within the Sui community. With numerous blockchain chains available, it's crucial to differentiate Sui in a way that showcases its strengths without overwhelming newcomers to the ecosystem.

Tailoring the Message for Different Audiences

Wu acknowledges the importance of tailoring the message about Sui's features to different audiences. For developers already familiar with Ethereum, the focus is on highlighting Sui's superiority, with the understanding that migration entails costs and must be justified by significant improvements. On the other hand, when engaging Web2 developers, Wu emphasizes the digital ownership aspects and strives to make Web3 product development as accessible and user-friendly as its Web2 counterpart.

Realizing the Power of Sui: Demonstrating the 10x Advantage

Concrete proof points are beginning to emerge, showcasing the benefits of Sui's low gas fees and its potential for unique user experiences. Wu emphasizes the value of sponsored transactions, which enable invisible experiences for users, eliminating the need for a separate wallet to interact with blockchain-powered applications. These benefits contribute to an improved experience for both developers and end-users.

Web3 Product Development: Similarities and Differences

Wu compares Web3 product development to its Web2 counterpart, highlighting the key distinction between decentralization and governance. In Web2, decisions are typically made by centralized platform companies, while Web3 allows for broader participation and collaboration among technologists and product builders.

Industries Poised for Decentralized Technology

Wu envisions decentralized technology benefiting industries involving low-value assets, citing Sui's low gas fees as a significant advantage. Everyday use cases, such as issuing coupons or tickets, hold great potential for leveraging Sui's open and accessible platform. Examples from forward-thinking brands like Starbucks and Adidas showcase the innovative ways in which Web3 can revolutionize consumer engagement.

Predictions for the Future: Building Momentum

Despite the cyclical nature of the crypto industry, Wu foresees continued momentum in blockchain development. The focus will shift toward tackling crucial problems such as onboarding challenges and improving consumer platforms, and developer tools. The goal is to empower builders to create products with outstanding user experiences and to drive mass adoption of Web3 technology.

Open Access to Great Platforms: Empowering Consumers

Wu emphasizes the value of open access to platforms and infrastructure for both builders and consumers. While consumers may not directly interact with these platforms, brands that leverage open infrastructure can provide superior quality, transparency, and trust, similar to the way consumers recognize brands like Visa or Intel.

Wrapping up

As Sui continues to grow and mature, Mysten Labs remains committed to serving the developer community and driving innovation in the Web3 space. With a focus on education, evangelism, and the development of user-friendly platforms and tools, Sui aims to establish itself as a trusted and accessible brand, opening doors to a future where decentralized technology becomes the norm. Let's continue to extend our unwavering support to Sui Blockchain as it paves its path toward becoming the paramount blockchain network of the future.

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