Exploring Releap - Web3's Decentralized Social Graph Protocol

Exploring Releap - Web3's Decentralized Social Graph Protocol
Exploring Releap - Web3's Decentralized Social Graph Protocol

Discover Releap Protocol - the decentralized social graph empowering content creators and users in the Web3 era.

In a digital landscape dominated by centralized giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Twitter, where user content often feels like it's under someone else's control, the emergence of Web3 technologies brings a breath of fresh air. One such innovation is the Releap Protocol, a decentralized, multi-chain, and open-for-all social graph that promises to revolutionize content ownership and user engagement. In this article, we'll dive into the world of Releap Protocol, exploring its main components, features, and the potential it holds for users and content creators alike.

What is Releap Protocol?

Releap Protocol

Releap Protocol is a beacon of hope for those seeking a more user-centric online experience. At its core, this protocol empowers users to fully own and harness their audience and content. It enables the creation of decentralized, censorship-resistant social networks and marketplaces, making it easier than ever to add social functionality to existing applications within the Web3 ecosystem.

Imagine a world where you have complete control over your digital identity and the content you produce. The Releap App makes this vision a reality, resembling a Web3 version of Twitter with additional features tailored to project builders and community engagement. Users can edit their profiles, publish posts, run campaigns, and more, all while enjoying the perks of sponsored transactions to cover their gas fees, ensuring a seamless Web3 social experience.

Releap Protocol's innovative approach extends to partnerships with Sui and zkSync, creating a platform where Web3 projects across these ecosystems can thrive. This collaboration allows applications to be built, data to be stored on-chain, and users to be duly rewarded, ushering in a new era of content ownership.

Main Components in Releap Protocol

Let's delve into the building blocks of Releap Protocol that shape its user experience and content ecosystem:


At the heart of Releap Protocol lies the Profile NFT, a unique digital asset that grants users control over their content. Unlike traditional on-chain identities, Profile NFTs are distinguished by their ability to publish content. They serve as a repository for all posts, reposts, comments, and other content generated by the user. It's worth noting that a single user can possess multiple Profile NFTs, offering flexibility and control.


Content is the lifeblood of any creator platform, and Releap Protocol ensures that it can be transformed into NFTs effortlessly. Each piece of content associated with a profile can become its own NFT, linked to the creator. These Content NFTs find a permanent home on the Sui network, opening up new avenues for creators to monetize their work, reward users, and explore innovative possibilities.


Comments are what make posts truly special, injecting a unique social aspect into content sharing. In Releap Protocol, comments can function as unique NFTs, tightly linked to the posts under which they are made. These comments can be customized or restricted to reward users or enhance the overall experience, fostering a sense of community and engagement. For instance, only users who have been following a profile for more than 6 months may be allowed to comment on a post.

Discovering the Releap App

The Releap App is the gateway to a Web3 social experience like no other. It functions much like Twitter Web3 but with additional features tailored for project builders and community engagement. To get started, users need to connect their Sui Wallet or MetaMask (for zkSync) and create a profile. Once onboard, users can explore the application in various ways:

  • Home and Discover: Similar to Twitter's news feed page, users can post articles, like, and repost content from their favorite creators. The Discover section suggests content from other creators in the Releap ecosystem.
Twitter of Web3 - Releap
''Discover" tab helps you to find posts from KOLs, influencers, and projects easier
  • Campaigns: Projects within the Sui and zkSync ecosystems create campaigns, offering users a chance to participate and earn badges. These badges are valuable items that enable projects to reward and engage with their community through On-Chain Credential modules.
"Campaigns" tab helps users to find campaigns for earning Badges and tokens
  • Bridge: Releap App facilitates the seamless transfer of tokens between the Sui and BNB Chain via its Bridge section. Supported assets for bridging include BNB, SUI, and REAP, making cross-chain interactions hassle-free.
"Bridge" tab in Releap App was integrated with Wormhole
  • Staking: Users can stake REAP tokens within their profiles to partake in governance voting, content management, and receive rewards in the form of REAP tokens. It's a mechanism that empowers users to have a say in the platform's evolution.

Notable Features of Releap Protocol

Releap Protocol introduces several noteworthy features that set it apart from the crowd:

  • User Control: In a stark departure from the centralized Web2 model, where companies like Meta and Twitter often wield control over user content, Releap Protocol places the power back into the hands of users. Here, you have full control over your content, free from external manipulation.
  • Direct Monetization: Releap Protocol revolutionizes content monetization. Unlike traditional advertising models, it allows users to monetize directly from their content, ensuring that revenue flows directly to content creators without intermediaries.
  • Content Ownership: Through Profile NFTs, Releap Protocol guarantees that content creators maintain exclusive ownership of their creations. These NFTs can even be sold or transferred, granting full control to the new owner.
  • Sponsored Transactions: Releap App introduces the concept of sponsored transactions, which can subsidize in-app interactive activities like likes, reposts, and comments. This feature provides a competitive edge compared to other SocialFi protocols, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Decentralized Content Storage: All content within Releap Protocol is securely stored on the Sui blockchain, reducing vulnerability to arbitrary censorship. This not only empowers content creators but also safeguards their ownership.


$REAP tokenomics

The native token of Releap Protocol, $REAP, plays a pivotal role in its ecosystem. Users require $REAP to vote on governance decisions and participate in Releap's curation model. Curation nodes can only be added to the protocol through staking the required amount of $REAP tokens, and curation operators are duly rewarded in $REAP tokens as well.

$REAP vesting schedule

Releap Protocol envisions a world where creators have the freedom to retain ownership over the connections they've built with their audience, all through a fully customizable, user-owned social graph.


Q2 2023 (completed)

  • Releap mainnet launch on Sui
  • Sponsored transactions
  • On-Chain Credentials
  • Live on zkSync
  • Metamask integration

Q3 2023 (completed)

  • Releap IDO launch
  • Releap Curation
  • Collect module
  • On-Chain polls
  • Tipping

Q4 2023 & beyond (ongoing)

  • Releap mobile launch
  • Content gating
  • Expansion
  • Releap social graph API


Releap's investors

Behind Releap Protocol's vision is a roster of esteemed backers, including the Sui Foundation, GBV Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Shima Capital, Arweave Foundation, Assembly Partners, DWeb3 Capital, Impossible Finance, Solar Eco Fund, MoveBit, and more than 30 other venture capital firms and angel investors. Their support signifies the promising future that Releap Protocol holds in the Web3 landscape.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Releap Protocol represents a pivotal step towards a more decentralized and user-centric Web3 experience. With its innovative components, features, and a strong backing of investors, it offers a glimpse into the future of content ownership and engagement. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, Releap Protocol stands as a beacon of empowerment for content creators and users alike.

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