What is Sui Directory?

What is Sui Directory?
What is Sui Directory?

The Sui Ecosystem is experiencing remarkable growth, and as the Mainnet has already launched for a while, the Sui community is poised for even more significant expansion. However, with numerous projects being developed on Sui, it can be a challenge for community members to stay informed and connected. Recognizing the need to facilitate better discovery, understanding, and collaboration, the Sui Foundation has already launched the Sui Directory.

Explain the Sui Directory

Sui Directory interface

The Sui Directory serves as a comprehensive map of the Sui landscape. It's a publicly accessible resource that brings together information about the various projects built on Sui. Its primary objective is to empower builders by providing a platform to showcase their projects and foster connections within the community. By harnessing the collective knowledge and expertise of the Sui community, the directory aims to facilitate collaboration, innovation, and growth.

How does the Sui Directory work?

Users can easily find projects' information in Sui Directory

If you are a builder and want your project featured in the Sui Directory, you can submit a profile for review. To ensure privacy, it's recommended to include only publicly available professional and business contact information. The profile consists of essential details such as a concise description of your project, website and social media links, and a profile picture. The Sui Foundation's administrators carefully review all submissions to ensure the information provided is accurate and reliable. Additionally, projects must be in good standing within the community, adhering to the community's rules and regulations. The review process typically takes around 5 business days, after which approved projects are published in the directory.

Once your project is listed in the Sui Directory, it becomes easier for the community and visitors to discover and engage with your work. Profiles are tagged with relevant categories such as art, DeFi, culture, API, and more, allowing visitors to filter and explore projects based on their interests. It's encouraged for project teams to regularly update their profiles to reflect any changes or developments, ensuring that visitors have access to the most up-to-date and reliable information.

The Future of the Sui Directory

The Sui Foundation is committed to continuously enhancing and enriching the Sui Directory to provide an even better user experience. They value feedback from the community and prioritize incorporating feature requests that align with the needs of builders and visitors alike. The foundation encourages community members to share their thoughts, suggestions, and requests through the dedicated support form. By actively engaging with the community, the Sui Directory will evolve to meet the evolving needs of the growing Sui ecosystem.

What's next for the Sui Directory?

The Sui Directory represents an exciting step forward in connecting the vibrant and diverse Sui ecosystem. It serves as a hub where builders can showcase their projects, fostering connections and collaboration among like-minded individuals. By providing a comprehensive overview of the projects being developed on Sui, the directory enables community members to explore new opportunities, find inspiration, and stay updated on the latest developments.

Through the Sui Directory, the Sui Foundation empowers the community to take ownership of this valuable resource. By embracing the collective wisdom of the Sui ecosystem, the directory will flourish and become an invaluable tool for builders, investors, and enthusiasts alike. Join the Sui community in shaping the future of the Sui Directory, and together, let's unlock the full potential of the Sui ecosystem.

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