The 5 Airdrops/Retroactive You Should Be Hunting on Sui Network (January/2024)

The 5 Airdrops/Retroactive You Should Be Hunting on Sui Network (January/2024)

Exploring the world of airdrop hunting can be overwhelming for those who are new, especially in a rapidly expanding ecosystem like Sui.

Along with the difficulty of exploring countless projects is the challenge of optimizing for finite money and time resources.

Today, we are presenting our top 5 picks for the most prominent projects on Sui to farm for airdrops in January.


Scallop is a P2P Money Market that operates within the Sui ecosystem. It is currently the top Lending and Borrowing platform on Sui and is ranked as the number one DeFi Protocol in terms of TVL, which is approximately $62 million. The Scallop project has received grants and support from the Sui Foundation and has also raised funds from top VCs such as Comma3 Ventures, Kyros Ventures, and others.

The best part is that the Scallop token has not yet been released. But by lending and borrowing on the platform, users can start farming for their potential airdrop. Users can participate in their campaign and earn points that can later be exchanged for Mystery Pearls. These Mystery Pearls can be exchanged for Scallop tokens during the token launch phase.

The Scallop Airdrop Score System Season 1 has ended, but Season 2 has just begun. You have two weeks to farm for your points, starting on January 16th.

How to participate:

1. Go to the Scallop Airdrop page and check your current points by visiting

2. To earn more points, supply and borrow from Scallop. Keep in mind that you need to supply or borrow a minimum amount of $100 to be counted. Borrowing earns more points than supplying, and longer periods also earn more points.

3. Check the leaderboard every 48 hours to monitor your score changes. A snapshot is taken every day.

For more details, you can visit their Medium page at

Navi Protocol is a Native One-Stop Liquidity Protocol on Sui that allows users to participate as liquidity providers or borrowers within the Sui Ecosystem. Currently, it holds the #2 place in Sui DeFi Protocol in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL) which is around $54.5 million. It has received backing from renowned names like Mysten Labs, AC Capital, NGC, Coin98, and others.

Recently, Navi Protocol acquired Volo, a decentralized liquid staking protocol, which will give users more options on the platform and help them to become the Liquidity Hub on Sui. While NAVI tokens haven't been released yet, there are hints that they will be available soon.

Navi recently launched the LeaderBoard feature that enables early contributors to participate in the protocol and earn points. When NAVI tokens are released, the top performers on the NAVI leaderboard will receive airdrops.

How to participate:

  1. To access, visit
  2. Check your for your Daily Activity Section and Points Details
  3. Get more points by simply borrowing, lending or interacting with the platform. (Here is a simple tricks to maximize your points: Stake $SUI for $vSUI at Volo -> Supply $vSUI at Navi -> Earn weekly points)

For more information, you can check out their blog by visiting:

If you find these 2 tasks above difficult, completing the following 3 will be much simpler. All you need is to hold an NFT.

DeSuiLabs NFT

DeSuiLabs NFT is the first inscription NFT available on Sui. This NFT collection is always trending at the top of the Sui NFT collections. Owning a DeSuiLabs NFT comes with exciting perks such as discounts on DeSuiLabs games, access to the DeSuiLabs Legacy whitelist, and even special airdrops.

DeSuiLabs has a vibrant community, and big KOLs in the Sui Community hold the NFT itself. Recently, there has been a hint regarding the upcoming season 2 of DeSuiLabs NFT. We predict that holders of DeSuiLabs NFTs might receive a significant amount of airdrops and even secure whitelist spots for DeSuiLabs Season II.

Cosmocadia NFT

Cosmocadia is a gaming project on the Sui platform that uses the Cosmocadia NFT primarily for playing the Cosmocadia game. Apart from this, the NFT also offers additional benefits such as airdrops of in-game tokens, mother studio tokens, and in-game NFTs.

During the previous airdrop season, holders received a significant number of free tokens. However, Cosmocadia has recently tweeted that the airdrop season is not yet over.

Currently, holders are receiving in-game islands NFTs as giveaways, and it is anticipated that more rewards are yet to come.

Sacabam NFT

Sacabam NFT is a collection that draws inspiration from the $SCB community, which is known to be one of the most enthusiastic communities on Sui. $SCB is among the top meme coins on Sui, and the project is constantly introducing new features.

Although there is no guarantee that NFT holders will receive airdrops, the possibility is high. What we do know is that the project is doing an excellent job of taking care of its community.

Tips: Buying an NFT can be tricky. To maximize return, we advise you to make a bid between the floor price and the highest bid price of the NFT.

That’s all for today’s post, good luck hunting.

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