Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #9 (October 24, 2023)

Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #9 (October 24, 2023)
Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #9 (October 24, 2023)

Welcome to Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #9, where we bring you the freshest updates and news from the thriving DeFi projects on Sui Blockchain.


Testnet Pass Minting Is Now Live for FlowX community. The Testnet Pass is available exclusively to all the participants of FlowX Finance Testnet. The Testnet Pass will serve as one of the essential criteria for receiving airdrop tokens from @FlowX_finance. Users can now mint the Testnet Pass at

In other news, FlowX with some new key metrics updates for the protocol:

  • Total trading volume surged to $14 million
  • Total Value Locked (TVL) on FlowX reached the ATH of over $3 million

In other news, 2 new FaaS pools are about to appear on FlowX: SUI/wUSDC and wUSDC/wUSDT with a reward pool of 87k $SUI!

FlowX official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Typus Finance

Typus V2 will be live on Oct 20 at 8 AM UTC, the thread below also gave a brief update on all those new updates & innovations implemented.

Typus Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Bucket Protocol

LSDfi is officially live on Bucket Protocol. afSui (LSD) is taken as Collateral to Mint $BUCK.

Bucket Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


@Scallop_io has officially joined the @Cointelegraph Startup Program!

In other news, @Scallop_io has surpassed the $6M TVL milestone!

Scallop official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

NAVI Protocol released their Q3 2023 Milestone Recap with many milestones about metrics, campaigns, partnerships, integrations, etc.

In other news, NAVI also updated some APYs for this week.

NAVI Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Haedael announces the partnership with @surf_wallet, allowing more web2 users & degens in the ecosystem to access #Haedal and explore more possibilities!

In other news, Haedal announced that haSUI has been accepted as collateral on @bucket_protocol. Users will be able to mint $BUCK with haSUI and interact with various applications for additional yields from now.

In other news, Haedal also announced that @DesigLabs has been integrated into Haedal. Users will soon be able to access Haedal through Desig wallet's staking function.

Haedal official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Cetus released the Q3 Report of 2023.

In other news, $CETUS has been listed on @ABExFinance. The perp trading of the token is available on-chain now!

Cetus official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Turbos Finance

Users of @SuiNetwork can now access Turbos dApp with @MetaMask thanks to Sui Snap integration by @kuna_labs

In other news, Turbos' 24-hour trading volume just hit $4M!

Turbos Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


WispSwap hosted a new Twitter Space: "Sui Liquid Staking Deep Dive" with @navi_protocol, @HaedalProtocol, and @volo_sui as the guests. You can watch the Space here.

WispSwap official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Aftermath Finance

Aftermath Finance announced that they have officially launched afSUI on @SuiNetwork Mainnet. afSUI is Aftermath's liquid staked token that you receive when you stake SUI through their protocol. afSUI offers improved capital efficiency on your staked SUI while aiding the decentralization and security of Sui.

In other news, @DefiLlama is now tracking @AftermathFi afSUI.

In other news, afSUI has been verified and integrated by @blockvisionhq’s Portfolio Dashboard. Users can now better track their liquidity & activity of afSUI!

Aftermath Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

That's all for this week's DeFi project updates in Sui! Stay tuned for our next update, where we'll bring you more exciting news and developments from the world of decentralized finance. We're committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the DeFi space in Sui Network. See you next time with even more exciting updates with Suipiens!

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