Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #7 (September 26, 2023)

Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #7 (September 26, 2023)
Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #7 (September 26, 2023)

Welcome to Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #7, where we bring you the freshest updates and news from the thriving DeFi projects on Sui Blockchain.


FlowX releases some highlight numbers after 2 months on Mainnet with some recorded outstanding numbers as below. We will soon look forward to more amazing records as they are about to enter the IDO phase!

FlowX official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


KriyaDEX introduces Month 2 of the Suinami campaign with new updates about LP Staking for rewards and Up to 8x APY multipliers for committed LPs! In the tweet, they also give users a closer look at the milestones reached during month 1 with notable additions of total trade over $3M volume and Peak TVL hit $2.8M+!

KriyaDEX official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Typus Finance

The Dashboard & Level System of Typus Finance is live! Holders of Tails by Typus can upgrade their hidden traits and unlock exclusive benefits! A noteworthy reminder is that Tails isn't just an average PFP. Typus is building an on-chain user incentive system that integrates Typus products to provide real value to their users! Stay tuned for Season 2+ of Typus level-up campaign where they unlock more benefits for holders!

In other news, Typus also hosted a Twitter Space today at 09:00 EST as their Founder - Tommy (@Pentameal) will discuss Sui kiosk possibilities of NFT tech on @SuiNetwork with the guests featuring Damir (@themoveguy) and Anoop (@anoopkansupada) from Mystel Labs, Bryan - Founder of Hyperspace - @thebryanjun.

Typus Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Bucket Protocol

Bucket announces that they have received the Sui Education Grants which is helping them to make the development ecosystem more user-friendly! The team behind Bucket Protocol is building a VS Code Extension (GPTutor) supercharged by ChatGPT's AI. This extension enables developers to better understand code and logic within smart contracts.

Bucket Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Scallop releases the Yield Incentive Program where users are able to earn more from their deposits with the boosted APR Rates of SUI: 63.23% and USDC: 52.6%!

Scallop’s Incentive Program is a period-based rewards program designed to reward loyal Scallopers for their support and contribution to the Scallop ecosystem!

In other news, Scallop celebrates 60k Twitter followers by hosting a giveaway worth 600 $SUI to users!

Scallop official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

NAVI launches Rocketeer Ambassador Program - an initiative designed to engage and reward their most fervent supporters. You can read the details about the program here.

In other news, the NAVI team released an article to explain why they chose OtterSec NAVI's Security Audit.

NAVI Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Another new related to NAVI Protocol, @navi_protocol has integrated as the default explorer for their users to easily track their on-chain transactions!

NAVI Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Kana Labs

Kana Labs and @JasmyMGT host a Twitter Space together to analyze the current crypto market and the future of Real World Assets.

In other news, Kana Labs' Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator is now LIVE on the Sui Mainnet -

Kana Labs official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Haedal will join the wispSUI LST basket powered by @WispSwap. With the partnership, Haedal will join forces with WispSwap to further develop the on-chain liquidity and discover the utilities of LSDfi on the Sui Network.

In other news, Haedal also announced that Haedal has supported @okxweb3 wallet! OKX users will be able to access Haedal through in-wallet explorer at one click.

Haedal official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Cetus released a tweet to summarize all the UI changes on their pool page.

Cetus official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

That's all for this week's DeFi project updates in Sui! Stay tuned for our next update, where we'll bring you more exciting news and developments from the world of decentralized finance. We're committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the DeFi space in Sui Network. See you next time with even more exciting updates with Suipiens!

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