Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #10 (November 17, 2023)

Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #10 (November 17, 2023)
Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #10 (November 17, 2023)

Welcome to Sui's DeFi Weekly Roundup #9, where we bring you the freshest updates and news from the thriving DeFi projects on Sui Blockchain.


FlowX announced their token launch announcement with the involvement of multiple launch partners, a healthy tokenomics for all investors. Readers can find all the details about their plan, tokenomics, pre-sale round, and public round here.

In other news, FlowX team has released a thread to explain to users familiar with the mechanism of FLX - xFLX in the upcoming FlowX token launch.

FlowX official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Typus Finance

Hourly vaults are now live in Typus! The vault expires every 60 mins and auctions happen on the hour for a duration of 6 mins per auction. This will be a short-term duration strategy for Typus users to take advantage of short-term volatility!

Typus Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Bucket Protocol

Bucket Protocol announced their new collaboration with @volo_sui for advancing Liquid Staking on @SuiNetwork

In other news, the TVL in Bucket Protocol just hit $3,66M. They also celebrated this achievement by hosting a giveaway of 100 BUCK tokens.

Bucket Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Scallop is now LIVE on @Sonarwatch, a powerful multichain portfolio tracking tool. Users can now track their Scallop portfolio directly on SonarWatch.

In other news, Scallop has crossed the $12M TVL milestone mark!

Scallop official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

NAVI Protocol celebrates $30M TVL on their protocol by hosting a TaskOn campaign worth $500! Readers who are interested in the campaign can join it here.

In other news, NAVI protocol made some changes in the incentive calculation formula. They will focus on providing a more stable, fair, and secure lending protocol, benefitting all NAVI's users. Readers can find the details on the change here.

NAVI Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


The haSUI - SUI pool is now LIVE on @Turbos_finance. Users can add liquidity on Turbos after staking for additional incentives.

Haedal announced the partnership with @surf_wallet. This integration will allow more web2 users & degens in the ecosystem to access Haedal and explore more possibilities.

Haedal official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


MetaMask is now supported by Cetus. Users can now access Cetus dApp with MetaMask with ease.

The cumulative trading volume on @CetusProtocol just surpassed $700M.

The TVL on Cetus just climbed to a new ATH of $40M+, rising by over 200% in last 30 days.

Cetus official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Turbos Finance

Turbos has reached our double milestones with over $10M in both daily trading volume and TVL.


WispSwap announced their partnership with @RoochNetwork

WispSwap official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Aftermath Finance

Aftermath Finance introduced their new 80/20 USDC/SUI Pool. The 80/20 USDC/SUI pool deviates from the standard 50/50 model, prioritizing both stability and growth. With 20% exposure to SUI, liquidity providers get to participate in the upside potential of the SUI ecosystem while effectively managing the risks of market volatility.

The afSUI/SUI pool has just gone live on @FlowX_finance! Liquidity providers earn dual yields - through trading fees and afSUI staking rewards.

Aftermath Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

Interest Protocol

Interest Protocol launched - the dApp for easy coin creation on the @SuiNetwork with 100% free and no coding required. Readers can find more information about Sui Coins here.

Interest Protocol official links: Website | Twitter | Discord

ABEx Finance

ABEx Finance has now completed the optimization of the limit take profit and stop loss module. Users can now see their estimated profit and loss after entering the price, helping them make better trading decisions!

Users can now share their trading results on ABEx!

ABEx Finance official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


Volo announced the strategic partnership with @FlowX_finance, this partnership will add yet another stream of vSUI/SUI liquidity pair to the ecosystem as they expand!

Volo official links: Website | Twitter | Discord


From Nov 11, 2023, 14:00:00 UTC - Feb 09, 2024, 14:00:00, $PRL liquidity providers can farm 4,300 $SUI rewards from @FlowX_finance. Users can find more details about the next phase of Suipearl & $PRL token in this article.

SuiPearl official links: Website | Twitter | Telegram

That's all for this week's DeFi project updates in Sui! Stay tuned for our next update, where we'll bring you more exciting news and developments from the world of decentralized finance. We're committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the DeFi space in Sui Network. See you next time with even more exciting updates with Suipiens!

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