Announcing Sui x KuCoin Labs Summer Hackathon

Announcing Sui x KuCoin Labs Summer Hackathon
Announcing Sui x KuCoin Labs Summer Hackathon

Discover the exciting opportunity to participate in the Summer Hackathon organized by the Sui Foundation and KuCoin Labs, from May 29 to July 12.

Are you a builder looking for an exhilarating challenge? It's time to join the Sui x KuCoin Labs Summer Hackathon, a thrilling event taking place from May 29th to July 12th. The hackathon will culminate in a grand Demo Day on July 19th, hosted both at Builder House in Paris and online. Prepare to witness exceptional projects competing for cash prizes from a total prize pool of $285,000 USD.

Let your creativity soar as you experiment, create, and innovate on the Sui Ecosystem.

Project Categories

Projects for this Hackathon should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Infrastructure and Tooling: This can include building frameworks, libraries, developer tools, or improving existing components to make it easier for developers to create applications on the Sui platform.
  • NFT, Social, and DAO: Projects in this category may involve creating innovative ways to mint, trade, and utilize NFTs within the Sui platform, integrating social features for users to engage and connect, or developing governance mechanisms for decentralized decision-making within the ecosystem.
  • Gaming and AIGC: Projects in this category involve developing interactive games, incorporating AI algorithms, exploring VR/AR experiences, and building game development tools.
  • DeFi and Payment: Projects in this category may involve building decentralized financial applications on Sui, exploring innovative ways to provide financial services, developing payment solutions, or integrating stablecoins and other DeFi protocols.


To be eligible for prizes, a project must follow these requirements:

  1. Be deployed on Sui's mainnet, testnet, devnet, or integrated with Sui.
  2. Be a new project for the hackathon or an established project implementing a new feature or redesign within the hackathon period.
  3. Have at least one team member available for the demo day (either in-person or virtually).
  4. Pass KYC verification for prize disbursement.

Why you shouldn't miss this?

Participating offers seven weeks of programming with workshops, technical support, and mentoring from the Sui Foundation, KuCoin Labs, and other partners. You gain guidance for Sui Foundation Developer Grant applications, business development workshops, and one-on-one mentoring by KuCoin Labs. Co-marketing activities and exposure in the Sui ecosystem, along with access to KuCoin Labs' media partners and network, are also provided.


The hackathon consists of three stages: registration, shortlisting, and demo day. Teams register by completing a form outlining their project. A committee of scorers from the Sui Foundation, Kucoin Labs, partners, and ecosystem projects will review and score the projects based on a rubric. Projects surpassing the minimum threshold will be shortlisted for the demo day. The demo day takes place both in-person at Builder House in Paris and virtually, with winners announced afterward.


Registration: May 29 - July 5
Shortlisting Period (Rolling): June 5 - July 12
Demo Day: July 19

Prize Pools

The hackathon offers several prize pools. The Best Overall Award includes a first-place prize of 50K USD, second place with 30K USD, and third place with 15K USD. Additionally, each of the four categories will have three winners, with first place receiving 20K USD, second place receiving 10K USD, and third place receiving 5K USD. Furthermore, the Community Favorites category distributes 50K USD among the top 10 projects determined by community votes.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and innovation in the Sui x KuCoin Labs Summer Hackathon. With a range of resources, support, and impressive prize pools up for grabs, this hackathon is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and make an impact in the Sui ecosystem. Builders can join the hackathon Telegram group for any questions or find more information on the contest page. Don't miss out on this event - register today by completing the application and get ready to take your project to new heights!

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