Sui Blockchain Report #1

Sui Blockchain Report #1
Sui Blockchain Report #1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Sui Blockchain Report! In this series, we'll be taking a look at all the major Sui news and updates.

This week has been a busy one, with new projects being announced, partnerships being formed, and protocol & dev tool updates. So without further ado, let's get started with the 1st edition of our Sui weekly report!

Protocol & dev tool updates

  • Sui Testnet Wave 1 goes live on 11/17 and is projected to be operational within two to three weeks.
  • Mysten Labs has deployed the v0.16.0 release to DevNet! A genesis update and full-node upgrade/db wipe will be required!
  • Sui accepts Proofs of Zero Knowledge
  • Explore Sui Capys on Updates include: 2 free Capys, integrating the Sui wallet extension, tx models, speeding up the UX, a link to the source code, an article and Sui docs, and JSON for developers!
  • Discover MystenLabs truncator
  • An RPC link to the Sui Devnet is being provided by @BlockEdenHQ, enabling Web3 developers and applications to easily communicate with the new Move-based blockchain!

Media Highlights

Sui Blockchain's highlight information can be updated via the following media posts:

  • @EvanWeb3 (the Co-founder & CEO of Mysten ) provides a thread with “Sui is asset-centric. What does it mean?”
  • @SuiNetwork reached 250k followers on Twitter!
  • @billallred has joined Mysten Labs as Director of Gaming Product!
  • @EthosWalletXYZ  provides creators and builders with the article “How to Build a Sui NFT Mint dApp in Under 10 Minutes with the EthosConnect API”
  • @MoveBit announce the partnership through the article “MoveBit Partners with OmniBTC to Secure Token Swap on Sui”
  • Discover and read more about @SuizzleNFT, a puzzle game on Sui!

Ecosystem Highlights

In this week, many projects are coming on Sui including:

  • @Loyalty_GM: an NFT loyalty reward platform for your favorite web3 project!
  • @Turbos_finance: a decentralized perpetual contract and zero-slippage exchange building on Sui!
  • @Read2N: a decentralized copyright governance platform!
  • @surf_wallet: a community-based wallet launched on Sui!
  • @CircleHouseLabs: building tools for communities, supporting innovative and sustainable projects on Sui!

Other ecosystem news includes:

  • @CetusProtocol version on Sui has been pushed to Testnet!
  • @SuiGlobal is available on SuiTalk.
  • The World Cup predictor campaign on Sui is beginning!
  • @EthosWalletXYZ is introducing two new games (Chess and Checkers) to play using your Ethos wallet!
  • @joinMovEX announce that their Concentrated Liquidity AMM is now Live!
  • @hanako_nfts and @SuizzleNFT released their roadmap!
  • @Clutchy_io announced another 10 projects for the Clutchy Launchpad!
  • @Sui_Akashi and @thesuiogs have officially opened their Discord!
  • @GlassWalletapp released the version 0.2.0 of Glass Wallet!
  • @EthosWalletXYZ announce that they are officially launching their community Discord server!
  • BlueMove app is available from the App Store!
  • A wonderful dashboard for NFTs was recently launched by @sui_cleo!
  • @snsstork made their Black Friday Announcement!
  • @morphis_wallet announced their Private Alpha Test!


Many partnership announcements have officially been released this week:

To update more news and updates on the Sui Blockchain world, read on: Sui Blockchain Report #2

Be sure to check out Suipiens' website and social media channels to stay up-to-date on all things about Sui Blockchain!

Official links about Sui: Website |  Twitter

Official links about Suipiens: Website | Twitter | Discord