Qredo Announces the Integration with Sui Wallet to Enhance Crypto Self-Custody

Qredo Announces the Integration with Sui Wallet to Enhance Crypto Self-Custody
Qredo Announces the Integration with Sui Wallet to Enhance Crypto Self-Custody

Find out the integration of Sui Wallet into Qredo, ensuring enhanced security, seamless interaction, and lucrative rewards.

Qredo has recently announced the integration of the Sui wallet into Qredo's robust self-custody services marking a significant milestone, promising enhanced security and unprecedented opportunities for its clientele.

A Gateway to Seamless Crypto Innovations

Qredo, renowned for its top-tier crypto asset self-custody solutions, unveiled on October 25 the seamless integration of the Sui Network into its wallets, a move that enables its users to tap into the latest advancements in blockchain technology without leaving the Qredo platform.

By incorporating the Sui network, Qredo's institutional clients can now harness the full potential of a decentralized, trustless multi-party computation (MPC) custody network, while basking in the convenience and security offered by Qredo's established infrastructure.

Qredo's London-based services not only facilitate decentralized custody but also empower native cross-chain swaps and access to cross-platform liquidity, providing a holistic ecosystem for crypto asset management.

The integration with the Sui network opens the door for Qredo's users to explore the full spectrum of applications within the network, boasting an impressive Total Value Locked (TVL) of $69 million. Moreover, this strategic alliance amplifies the user experience by fortifying security measures and mitigating the risks associated with personal key management.

The user-centric Qredo application grants absolute control over all operations and changes within the cryptographic universe, underpinning customized governance tailored to diverse requirements. This integration streamlines the exploration of the decentralized world of SUI, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for Qredo users, fostering a dynamic and frictionless interaction.

Furthermore, this integration empowers users to stake $SUI directly through the Qredo app, offering an avenue for active participation in the blockchain's growth while reaping economic incentives. As an additional aid, the crypto project team has provided a comprehensive video tutorial guiding users through the intricacies of the Sui technology via the Qredo network.

Empowering The Crypto Journey with Qredo x SUI Wallet

The convergence of Qredo and Sui Network within the Qredo ecosystem amplifies the security and governance measures, elevating the operational standards for crypto asset management.

  • Robust Security: Leveraging Sui Network's state-of-the-art digital asset protection integrated seamlessly within Qredo's infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Control: Take charge of your token storage, NFTs, and transactional activities through customized governance tools via the user-friendly Qredo App.
  • Seamless Integration: Seamlessly integrate with SUI's expanding network to unlock the full potential of Web3 and its transformative capabilities.
  • Unlocking Rewards: Participate in staking activities, positioning yourself for lucrative rewards and economic incentives within the Sui ecosystem.

With the Qredo x Sui integration, users are positioned at the forefront of a secure, seamless, and rewarding crypto journey, underpinned by excellent technology and user-centric governance protocols. This strategic partnership sets the stage for a new era of crypto self-custody services, propelling institutional users toward a future of unprecedented possibilities.

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