Sui Blockchain Report #13

Sui Blockchain Report #13
Sui Blockchain Report #13

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Sui Blockchain Weekly Report! This series will examine all major cryptocurrency and Sui news and updates.

Reflecting upon recent developments is imperative as we embark on the 13th chapter of our blockchain journey. At Sui Blockchain, we have curated a compilation of these transformative changes, ensuring that you remain well-informed about the dynamic nature of this evolving landscape. So, settle in, relax, and immerse yourself in our latest report, #13, as we bring you up to speed with the most recent news and updates about the Sui Ecosystem.

Protocol & dev tool updates

Media Highlights



Ecosystem Highlights

New projects

Check out some new projects coming to Sui:

Other ecosystem news:


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Official links about Sui: Sui Website |  Twitter | Discord

Official links about Suipiens: Website | Twitter | Discord