Mysten Labs: Pioneering Web3 Gaming and Blockchain Innovation

Mysten Labs: Pioneering Web3 Gaming and Blockchain Innovation
Mysten Labs: Pioneering Web3 Gaming and Blockchain Innovation

Evan Cheng shared his thoughts on the vision of Mysten Labs for Web3 Gaming, Innovation, and Seamless Experiences.

In the landscape of blockchain and crypto, Mysten Labs has emerged as a visionary force, attracting talent and attention for its unique approach to decentralized technologies. In an exclusive interview with Mysten's CEO - Evan Cheng, we delve into the core values that resonate with candidates, explore Sui's differentiators in the competitive blockchain space, and discuss the challenges and triumphs of transitioning from mega-cap tech companies to high-growth entrepreneurial ventures.

Mysten's Vision and Team Culture

From the outset, Mysten Labs distinguishes itself through a compelling vision that captivates potential team members. The foundation's commitment to "carrying the box" underscores a collective responsibility for success, fostering a culture where no task is too small or too large. This ethos, coupled with a track record of meeting milestones and deadlines, creates an environment where everyone is dedicated to succeeding together. For candidates with web3 experience, Mysten positions itself as the mature player in the room, emphasizing reliability and the ability to accomplish set goals promptly.

Sui's Killer Differentiation

In the highly competitive landscape of Layer-1 blockchain solutions, Mysten's Sui stands out with a range of differentiators. Dynamic NFTs, programmable transaction blocks, and horizontal scaling contribute to making Sui an ideal platform for gaming. Recognizing gaming as the driver for mass adoption, Sui aims to dispel the notion that web3 games are subpar. The belief is that once critical mass is reached, gamers will prioritize fun and immersive experiences over the underlying technology.

The recent announcement of zkLogin further solidifies Sui's technical innovation. This solution addresses the challenging issue of customer onboarding, offering developers tools to create seamless, walletless, and gasless experiences through zkLogin and sponsored transactions.

Web3 Gaming Partnerships

With over fifty gaming partners committed to building on Sui and more to come, Mysten Labs is poised to redefine the blockchain gaming landscape. While Evan refrains from picking a favorite among the projects, the imminent launch of OnBuff, a reboot of Samurai Shodown, is highly anticipated. This signals the beginning of a new era in web3 gaming, combining nostalgia with cutting-edge technology.

From Tech Giant to Entrepreneurial Venture

Evan Cheng's journey from spending 16 years in R&D and engineering leadership at tech giants like Apple and Meta to leading Mysten Labs reveals both expected and surprising challenges. Learning opportunities abound as complex problems demand knowledge and experience from various disciplines. Surrounding oneself with top-tier colleagues becomes crucial, echoing the wisdom of hiring those smarter than oneself.

Lessons from Meta's Novi/Diem

Reflecting on the experience at Meta, particularly with Novi/Diem, the CEO emphasizes the importance of understanding dependencies. Novi/Diem, ahead of its time, faced unforeseen challenges from regulators and ecosystem partners. The lesson learned is to comprehend the intricacies of the industry, anticipate regulatory needs, and leverage the evolving landscape to craft a more informed and ambitious go-to-market strategy.


Mysten Labs, with its forward-thinking vision, innovative solutions, and commitment to a collaborative culture, is poised to make a significant impact on the blockchain and gaming industries. As the Sui Mainnet continues to expand and partnerships flourish, Mysten Labs stands as a beacon of progress in the ever-expanding realm of web3 technologies.

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