Collaboration Between BitKeep and Bitget to Offer Sui Futures Airdrop

Collaboration Between BitKeep and Bitget to Offer Sui Futures Airdrop
Collaboration Between BitKeep and Bitget to Offer Sui Futures Airdrop

Join the Sui Futures Airdrop hosted by BitKeep and Bitget. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the complete Sui ecosystem!

BitKeep and Bitget, two of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency industry, have announced a partnership to host the Sui Futures Airdrop on March 18, 2023. This campaign is set to offer crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to secure qualifications for exchanging Sui official tokens in advance.

Sui and Aptos are both highly anticipated layer 1 blockchains that utilize the Move programming language, which originated from Facebook's Diem project. With Move, Sui has positioned itself as the first fully permissionless layer 1 blockchain. It boasts excellent security and speed, allowing simple transactions to be verified instantly, while more complex transactions take less than three seconds. This opens up a multitude of possibilities for blockchain sectors such as finance, digital commerce, and gaming.

With the successful launch of Aptos and its relatively high token price, the BitKeep X Bitget Sui campaign promises to be an exciting opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. BitKeep, the world's leading and Asia's largest multi-chain crypto wallet, has partnered with several top DeFi protocols on Sui and included them on BitKeep's integrated DApp explorer, providing users with resources and traffic exposure for DApp ecosystem aggregation, on-chain asset exchange, data analysis, NFT trading, and more.

BitKeep offers free Sui testnet token claims with the wallet’s built-in faucet, making it easy for users to get started with Sui. The platform also offers SUIBG airdrops for users who engage in trading activities on BitKeep Wallet. Users are guaranteed eligibility for SUIBG airdrop by completing the Token Swap or NFT transaction on any chain on BitKeep (excluding NFT transactions on Arbitrum). SUIBG holders will be 100% eligible to exchange Sui Official Tokens.

The SUIBG airdrop rewards range from 1 SUIBG for swapping tokens and trading NFTs worth $100 and up to 1,000 SUIBG for transactions above $100,000, with increments in between based on the total transaction volume. Do take note that NFT transactions on the Arbitrum network are excluded from this campaign. Check out the campaign page for more details!

Click this link to claim a red packet of 5 SUIBG for new BitKeep users!

During the campaign, BitKeep will release exclusive SUIBG airdrops for new users via the official community, Twitter, Sui-related projects, and Web3 KOL social media platforms. Moreover, new and regular users can complete trading tasks in BitKeep Swap or BitKeep NFT Market for extra SUIBG airdrops.

SUIBG token is a credential of the Sui official token jointly issued by BitKeep X Bitget. By completing corresponding tasks and holding SUIBG, users are guaranteed eligibility to exchange SUIBG for official Sui tokens in the future.

Users who receive SUIBG through red packets must complete a Token Swap or NFT transaction with the wallet address created on BitKeep to be eligible to exchange for official Sui tokens.

In conclusion, BitKeep X Bitget's Sui campaign promises to offer crypto enthusiasts a comprehensive experience of the Sui ecosystem, allowing them to trade and earn while experiencing the speed, security, and potential of the Sui blockchain. With the upcoming Sui Futures Airdrop, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Get ready to kickstart your Sui journey now with BitKeep Wallet!

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