A 90-Day Analysis of Sui's Network Strength

A 90-Day Analysis of Sui's Network Strength
A 90-Day Analysis of Sui's Network Strength

Discover how Sui Mainnet's first 90 days showcased its unique scalability, consistent gas fees, and exceptional performance.

Sui stands out as a pioneer in scalability and user-friendly gas fees in the realm of blockchain technology. Unlike its counterparts that rely on limiting network activity through scarcity and transaction costs, Sui adopts a horizontal scalability approach, resulting in a seamless user experience and cost-effective operations.

The real test for Sui's architectural ingenuity came in the first 90 days of its Mainnet launch, where its capabilities truly shone. Achieving an impressive peak of 5,414 transactions per second and maintaining an impeccable 100 percent uptime, Sui's resilience and stability were undeniable.

During this period, two noteworthy events emerged as catalysts for heightened network activity: the Sui 8192 game by Ethos and the Bullshark quest run by Mysten Labs. Interestingly, Sui adeptly handled the surge in user engagement, swiftly processing transactions and exemplifying its ability to handle parallel and concurrent transaction execution with finesse.

Impressive Numbers

On May 3, 2023, Sui officially unveiled its Mainnet, making it a little over 90 days old as of this article. One striking revelation from this timeline is the exponential rise in transaction volume, especially during the month of July. July 27 marked a pinnacle moment with a staggering 5,414 transactions per second. Artemis, a trusted data platform, reports that Sui accomplished over 65.8 million transaction blocks within a single 24-hour span—an unprecedented feat in the blockchain arena. Worth noting is that Artemis traditionally quantifies transactions; however, for Sui, the team adopted transaction blocks to offer a more precise representation of user activity. In a parallel observation, Mysten Labs' internal data reflects 71 million transaction blocks within a different 24-hour timeframe.

The grand total of transactions registered on Suiscan so far stands at an impressive 965.87 million—a clear trajectory toward the imminent milestone of a billion transactions. Delving deeper, Sui Explorer divulges that 761.55 million Programmable Transaction Blocks have been recorded, each capable of accommodating up to 1,024 individual actions.

The growth of Sui is steady with an upward trajectory. Source: Suiscan

Remarkably, despite the surge in transactions, the average gas fees displayed remarkable consistency, underscoring Sui's potential to accommodate significantly higher traffic loads owing to its horizontal scalability. This accomplishment effectively dispels the misconception that blockchains are inherently resource-intensive and incapable of accommodating billions of users. Sui effectively provides developers the financial predictability akin to Web2 solutions, with steadfastly low and stable fees, regardless of traffic volume.

During Sui's initial 3 months, gas fees remained consistent despite a rise in transactions. The top graph illustrates the correlation between increased transaction volume and total gas fees, while the bottom graph demonstrates a consistent transaction cost across recent epochs.

Sui Explorer affirms the presence of 2.7 million active accounts—those exhibiting at least one transaction post-Mainnet launch. On July 30, the pinnacle of user activity reached an impressive 550,028 active accounts, a surge largely attributed to the Sui 8192 game and Bullshark quest.

Envisioning the Ecosystem

The bedrock of Sui's success extends beyond mere architecture—it is the symbiotic relationship between the network and its vibrant community of builders. Some embraced Sui long before its Mainnet initiation, while others are now beginning to recognize its potential. While Sui provides a robust infrastructure, it's the applications fostered by these builders that truly enrich user experiences.

Throughout the year, the Sui builder community converged at Builder Houses across diverse locations such as Denver, Vietnam, and Paris. These gatherings became crucibles of inspiration, nurturing networking, and knowledge-sharing that ultimately catalyzed impressive growth and innovation in app development.

In tandem with these gatherings, a series of hackathons ignited builders' enthusiasm for exploring the capabilities of Sui Move. Further bolstering this momentum, various Sui grants incentivized builders to sustain their innovation, while the online Sui community remained a beacon of guidance, readily addressing technical queries and fostering a culture of mutual support.

Reaching New Heights

The journey from conceptualizing to realizing a high-performance blockchain on the Mainnet is nothing short of a technological marvel and a humbling adventure. Operating as a decentralized ecosystem, the collaborative efforts of validators and node providers across the operator community are instrumental in ensuring the blockchain's uninterrupted functionality. Sui's success today is an amalgamation of both its ingenious design and the steadfast dedication of its operator community.

Sui's exceptional performance under real-world stress tests stands as a testament to its capability to handle surging transaction volumes while maintaining its expected resilience. As the Sui landscape evolves, the anticipation of encountering more rigorous trials—stemming from the launch of novel apps spanning from exhilarating games to indispensable utilities—only adds to the excitement.

Wrapping up

The narrative of Sui's first 90 days on the Mainnet is one of triumph, marked by unwavering stability, unprecedented transaction volumes, and user-friendly gas fees. Its design ethos, embracing horizontal scalability and consistent cost efficiency, sets a precedent for blockchain systems aiming to balance innovation with practicality. Looking forward, Sui's journey promises to be an exploration of uncharted territories, a voyage destined to redefine blockchain's role in shaping the digital landscape.

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